About the Company

About the Company

Mikrocop is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for paperless operation. The implementation of proven solutions has lead to the reduction of costs, the improvement of performance and improvement of the quality our client’s business operations.

We help you to comprehensively manage and standardize document capture, management and storage processes and show you the way towards a paperless operation.

Mikrocop brings together knowledge and experience in document and data capture, process automation and secure long-term document storage.

Range of services to support paperless business is complemented by a secure data center services.

With an individual approach to the client and a comprehensive range of solutions we provide efficient organizational and technological solutions which enhance the security of the organization and enable the management of documents to be carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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Mikrocop successfully tackles the challenges of the client related to document and data capture, management and long-term storage in a way that improves business processes and allows a smooth transition to the paperless future.


Mikrocop are people. Together we create an environment where individuals can develop to their full potential. We cherish the sense of belonging and commitment to the common objective of excellence.

Reliability, professionalism and security are key values that we base our whole operation on.

About the Company


We have been present in the area of management and storage of documents for four decades.

Mikrocop was established as a limited liability company in 1991 from the company Biroservis by Ljubo Koritnik in 1976, who is now the President of the Supervisory Board at Mikrocop.

Mikrocop thus continues the tradition and vision of Biroservis, and has throughout its history been focused on the area of solutions for the management and storage of all kinds of documents.


Mikrocop is a reliable partner of many companies and organizations across the wider area of the Adriatic region.

By implementing proven solutions we increase the performance of business processes and provide the fast availability of key information to the users in the field of banking, financial activities, insurance activities, pharmaceutical activities, health activities, public administration, telecommunications, retail, energetics and many other industries.

Prominent companies have been placing their trust with us ever since 1976. Join us to become one of them.