From practice

From practice

How Adriatic Slovenica sped up their business processes
In recent years Adriatic Slovenica has undertaken the modernization and informatization of their business processes, by which the centralization and outsourcing of the mailroom processes were essential. New organization has helped them save up to €1.5 million per year.

Paperless approach towards investment funds
At ALTA Skladi, they have introduced paperless business operation, which makes it easier for clients to perform investment saving and at the same time increases their business efficiency.

Si.mobil is moving its “core”
Si.mobil has also decided to rent the data centre in the secured premises of the Mikrocop facility. In the coming years, the entire “heart” of the Si.mobil network will be moved to a new location.

Paperless management of incoming invoices at the Avtotehna Business Group
The Avtotehna Business Group has increased the efficiency of its work organization and standardized the process implementation on a group level by modernizing its management of the incoming invoices.

Paperless operation of a healthcare institution
Diagnostics Centre Bled wants to become the first health service provider to operate without any paper documentation.

Time-Consuming and Expensive Paper Documents Management
At NLB Vita, they have completely modernized document management and storage processes. They have thus reduced operating costs, and above all achieved greater responsiveness in meeting the needs of their clients.


Paperless Business Operations at the Bank Association of Slovenia
The Bank Association of Slovenia has supported its business operation with solutions for a paperless operation. They have thus speeded-up the implementation of processes, and increased the efficiency and security of their business operation.

Paperless Operation at Points of Sale
With efficient solutions, it is also possible to reduce the amount of paper documents at the points of sale, and thus speed up the implementation of further business processes.

Informatization of debt enforcement orders processing at Abanka Vipa
The informatization of the procedure for dealing with debt enforcement orders has made it possible for Abanka Vipa to make substantial savings related to the costs of manual data input and the storage of documents.

Banka IN Connected to
Banka IN provides a complete electronic business operation between the bank and its clients which means that transactions in the electronic bank are also accompanied by electronic documents. These are stored in the system.

Business Process Modernization and Document Management at Adriatic Slovenia
The ultimate objective of Adriatic Slovenica, an insurance company, is to establish a digital mailroom where they will convert the majority of incoming documents into an electronic format and manage them by electronic means only.