Advanced platform for creating procedural-based business applications

InDoc BPM is an advanced platform for creating and implementing procedural-based business applications. In enables a quick and simple transition to paperless business operation and presents a solution to help you overcome challenges related to the capture, management and long-term storage of business documents.

The platform includes several technologies and tools which in connection with one another, provide a complete set of functionalities:

  • Document capture – this functionality allows the conversion of physical documents into a digital format.
  • Document and web content management – this functionality allows the management of digitally created documents.
  • Work-flow management – this functionality allows the channeling of documents and automation of work-flows. It includes the creation, channeling, tracing, and managing of processed information.
  • Archiving of documents – this functionality allows the long-term storage of electronic documents and content.


User Portal

The core of the platform is a user portal which presents the central application for electronic documents. It is an online user interface which users can access by logging-in in different ways (user name and password, digital certificate or active directory).

On this portal, users have an overview over all open tasks, submitted requests and statuses of the processes in which they take part. In accordance with the assigned roles, they can create different documents and run different processes.

System Administration

Managing user roles and rights is done in an administration module. This also allows the advanced management of various system parameters, such as organizational units, cost centre, user groups and the activation of new work processes.

Document Capture

The capture of paper documents is carried out directly on the user portal with the WebScan module or in connection with the Kofax software. In both cases, the electronic documents with the associated metadata present an entry point to different work processes.

We can collect the documents which are originally created in an electronic format when they enter an organization and forward them to the relevant business process, depending on their content. This solution also allows reading of e-invoices (e-style format), and integration with the file client (File Explorer) and e-mail client (MS Outlook).


Document and Web Content Management

The module for managing documents allows the creation and management of documents in an electronic format. Teamwork on documents, versioning and the traceability of documents is also possible. Electronic document creation can then be forwarded to the selected business process.

Work-flow Management

The processing of captured documents and data and their channeling through business process is carried out with the Skelta BPM.NET processing tool which is an integral part of the platform.

The processing tools enable the planning of business processes, in accordance with business rules which apply to individual organizations. It also enables the automation of business processes and the easy management of changes in processes.

Archiving of Documents

When each process is completed, it is necessary to ensure a safe storage of documents and associated data, in accordance with corporate and regulatory requirements. Electronic storage should be an integral part of the processing applications, and for this reason the InDoc BPM platform is closely related to the InDoc RMS system which provides a secure and long-term storage of all electronic documents.