InDoc RMS is software which enables the long-term and law-compliant electronic storage of documents.

InDoc RMS software is entirely a result of Mikrocop’s development which is based on many years of experience and knowledge of our experts. It is distinguished by a complete set of functionalities which ensure the safe storage of different types of electronic documents and their efficient management until the retention period expires.

InDoc RMS software is certificated by the Archives of the RS. When developing the software, we followed the provisions of internationally established model requirements for the management of electronic documents (MoReq), and in particular the provisions of the applicable legislation on archives (ZVDAGA, UVDAGA, ETZ).

The scope of the InDoc RMS system is very wide, as InDoc RMS is a scalable and modular-designed software solution which can be adjusted to the needs of individual organizations.

It allows the storage of significantly large quantities of documents, while also being accessible to small and medium-sized organizations due to a flexible licensing model.

InDoc RMS is an certificated software and, therefore, suitable for organizations in public administration which can store the documentary material only with the certificated hardware and software, in accordance with the ZVDAGA.


System functionalities of the InDoc RMS system enable the establishment of a comprehensive system for long-term archiving of electronic documents.

  • Different options for user authentication (user name and password, digital certificates, AD login).
  • Different options for document access (online user interface, desktop application, integration interface).
  • Support for the extensive import of documents and the possibility of adding separate documents.
  • Advanced document management and organization (classification plan, cases, documents).
  • Storage of different document types and formats (PDF/A, TIFF, XML, video and audio content and other random formats).
  • Managing the audit trail on the system application and the operations over individual documents.
  • Extensive integration options with different information systems that can be achieved through online integration interfaces (SAP, MS Navision, MS SharePoint and other various systems and business applications).
  • Advanced system and user administration.


InDoc system brings many advantages.

The InDoc RMS system enables the storage of different electronic documents and records which are always available to all authorized users. By using the system, we can significantly save time when organizing, archiving and searching for the documents, as well as increased efficiency.

By using this system, we can also significantly reduce the costs of the premises intended for storage. We can use the office premises, where the documentary material was being stored before, for business operations, as it is no longer necessary to own or rent archive repositories.

By using the InDoc RMS system, we also significantly increase the security of the business operations and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to documents and business data. An efficient control is provided by keeping records of audit trails over the system application and content.