Kofax is the leading software platform for document and data capture.

Kofax technological solutions increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of capturing and exchanging documents and data.

They enable organizations to increase their responsiveness to clients, provide better services, gain a competitive advantage and the rapid growth of the business, and at the same time reduce the operating costs.

Kofax offers a wide range of products which can help you increase the accuracy and value of important business information.


Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture enables the capture of printed and electronic documents and application forms. It converts them into accurate information and forwards them to key business applications, processes or work-flows. This helps automate and speed-up key business processes.

Kofax Transformation Modules

Kofax Transformation Modules present more advanced solutions for document and data capture which enable automatic sorting, division and integration of data from any document. They help achieve greater productivity, faster implementation of the processes, better quality and lower costs.

Kofax Communication Server

The Kofax Communication Server enables automatic data exchange between different devices, such as multifunctional devices, fax machines, telephone systems, systems for electronic communications, and different business applications and Kofax solutions for capturing documents.


Kofax Express

The Kofax Express allows easy batch scanning. Scanning, organizing and storing documents are therefore easy for anyone to do. It is simple enough for beginners, as well as powerful enough for the more demanding users.

Kofax VRS Elite

The Kofax VRS Elite helps us spend less time preparing documents, improves the readability of images, and thus provides a higher productivity of scanning.