Signature Capture Pads

Signature Capture Pads

Signature capture pads of world-renowned manufacturers allow electronic capture of the signature via the capture pads. Users use the tablet and the pen for signing documents in the usual manner; however, the signature is captured, saved and added to the electronic document in an electronic format.

Signature capture pads are used to ensure paperless operation in the process of document verification, which are created at various points of sale, e.g. conclusion of different subscription contracts, confirmation of bank, financial, insurance or administrative service orders, confirmation of different memberships in clubs, libraries or other organizations.


Modern signature capture pads allow fast and simple implementation and integration with different support systems used for paperless operation. They are suitable for a wide range of applications.


From practice

Paperless approach towards investment funds
At ALTA Skladi, they have introduced paperless business operation, which makes it easier for clients to perform investment saving and at the same time increases their business efficiency.