TIS eFlow is a powerful software platform for capturing data from different kinds and types of documents and exchanging them with back-end business IT solutions, such as ERP, CRM or BPM systems.

The software platform has been fully developed by Top Image Systems™ (TIS™) on the basis of more than 20 years of experience.

eFlow is a modular solution based on one platform. Each module is adjusted to meet the requirements of the specific business area, while using the same basic technology. eFlow is a completely flexible and the scalable solution which grows together with the needs of your organization.


eFlow enables the capture of data from all documents when they enter the business process. The advantage of the solution is that it allows an efficient capture of content from all types of documents (structured, semi-structured and unstructured), as well as from various sources or forms of documents (paper, e-mail or fax).

With eFlow solutions, the capture of data from documents is an automated process, whereby the captured content is automatically forwarded to business information applications and systems, in accordance with the procedure of classification and control.


There are many advantages why you should use eFlow solutions:

  • greater efficiency in e-document management (even up to 80%),
  • lower operating costs,
  • reduced risk and greater transparency,
  • more efficient internal and external communication (information exchange),
  • greater maneuverability and innovation,
  • higher internal control and consistency,
  • average return of investment in 12 months (ROI).