Internal Rules and Certification

Confirmed Internal Rules

In 2007 we received the certificate of the confirmed internal rules by The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, which refers to capture and storage of documents in digital form.

In 2012, numerous improvements were implemented in the provision of capture services, conversion services and electronic storage services, which provide improved control and the high-quality execution of services to our users. The approval of the new internal rule version was acquired accordingly. The approval was published in the Register of Confirmed Internal Rules at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

The adoption of internal rules is particularly important for ensuring the legal validity of the electronically stored documents. By providing storage services and accompanying services in accordance with Mikrocop’s confirmed internal rules we ensure the compliance of the electronically stored documentary material with the law.

Internal Rules


Certification of services and software

Mikrocop is the provider of the certificated capture and storage services and supporting services (e-ARS 2014/AS002).

The certification of the capture and storage services and supporting services complements the already acquired certification of InDoc RMS software for long-term electronic storage, which is the result of our own development. The new generation of the InDoc RMS software is based on many years of experience and knowledge of national experts and enables a secure and law-compliant storage of documents in an electronic form.

The confirmation of our business compliance with the certification requirements proves that the adopted concept of quality, safety and continuous improvement in the process of capture and storage of documents in digital form and in the implementation of the supporting services is successfully realized in practice. The acquired certification is also important for existing users of the Mikrocop solutions in the area of public administration, since in accordance with the ZVDAGA (Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act), they can only store documents with the use of certificated equipment or services.

Accreditation of InDoc RMSThe accreditation of the capture and storage services and supporting services