Mikrocop Business Facility

Mikrocop Business Facility

The Mikrocop Business Facility is designed as a modern business centre to serve the most demanding users from the field of IT industry.

The design of the special business facility has been focused on the specific needs and statutory requirements resulting from Mikrocop’s business activity, as well as maintaining high security standards.

Business facilities with high-end technological equipment together with a strict business operation policy and organizational processes ensure a high level of security for your documents and data, whose management and storage you have entrusted to Mikrocop.


The Mikrocop Business Facility ensures high operating security standards and outstanding standards of technological equipment:

  • Smooth functioning of the data centre is also ensured in the event of emergencies, such as energy system failures and natural or other major accidents;
  • Security surveillance of the building including physical and technical surveillance, video surveillance and surveillance of the transition within the premises;
  • Having their own energy supply allows for the smooth operation of all the systems in the facility even in the event of external energy supply interruptions.
  • Protection systems provide a constant control of climatic conditions, fire protection and protection against other impacts of the environment;
  • Anti-fire system incorporates gas fire extinguisher systems that provide protection to the informational infrastructure and archive records against destruction;
  • A reinforced concrete support structure ensures the safety of the building in the event of natural disasters and other major environmental impacts.


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