Secure Data Centre

Secure Data Centre

A Secure Data Centre is located in the Mikrocop Business Facility. All Mikrocop’s IT services run on a powerful infrastructure installed in the Lampertz IT Security Room, which represents the highest standard of physical and technical security measures for the information and communication systems in the field of system security, which is further proven by the ECB-S certificate.

The Lampertz IT Security Room provide the highest level of protection against fires, flooding, dust, corrosive gas and liquids, explosions, ruins due to earthquakes, electromagnetic load circuit failure, unauthorized access, burglaries and other forms of vandalism, as well as other impacts and influences from the environment. It provides optimum security of the computer centres eliminating the need to construct special purpose buildings.


High availability of the primary server system is ensured with duplicating hardware, software and network equipment.

Reliability of the overall system operation and the continuous availability of services are ensured by replicating the primary server system at two co-location facilities. In case of a failure of the primary server system, the entire system can be restored at a secure remote location within a relatively short period of time and IT service provision can be resumed without any further interruptions. System data backup, which are also stored at a remote secure location, takes place on a daily basis.

The use of two independent network access providers ensures the smooth operation of services in the case of a network failure by one of the network providers and in the event of an increased network load.

All data transfers to the Mikrocop Data Centre are carried out via secure network lines. The SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures the security of the connection between the browser and web server by means of encryption and protection against eavesdropping attacks.


Service Department for monitoring system operations provides a 24/7 professional monitoring of the system operations and surveillance of the data centre with a fire alarm system, an intruder alarm system and a surveillance system for transitions within the premises.

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