is a powerful, secure and law-compliant electronic archive. It enables long-term electronic storage of all documents in one place. This includes both the documents which have been converted from paper to an electronic format, as well as those which have been initially created as electronic documents (e.g. e-invoices, e-contracts, e-forms). is available as an IT cloud service, and thus presents an efficient and economical electronic storage. Mikrocop provides all the necessary software solutions and a powerful IT infrastructure for electronic storage, while authorized users can access the system through secure web links.

Users can access the documents which are stored in the system, directly through a user interface or other information systems (e.g. ERP, BPM) which are connected to the system.

The simple integration with different business information systems which are already in use in the organization makes the system a widely applicable solution for the electronic storage of all types of documents and content, which are created in various business processes.


In many organizations, already represents a central system for long-term storage of all electronic documents.

In addition to high security standards, the service also provides compliance with the applicable legislation on archives. The storage of documents in the system will be performed according to the approved internal rules, and the service is certificated by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

Electronic document storage brings a number of positive effects which are reflected in the reduced operating costs and greater employee satisfaction:

  • Access to documents and content is extremely simple and quick, whereby copying and faxing of documents is no longer necessary.
  • A complete overview over the documentation is ensured. There is significantly less time spent for organizing, archiving and searching for documents.
  • Only authorized users have access to the documents. This helps us ensure greater security and control over sensitive business data.
  • The costs of the archiving area are also significantly reduced, as documents no longer need to be stored in a paper form.


Technical conditions for the optimum operation of services

For the optimum operation of the services, users should have installed the following software at their work station where they access the services:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista or greater,
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater,
  • InDoc Viewer v3 or greater.