is an IT solution to support paperless business operations. It is available as a cloud service and in many organizations, it is already established as a central system for paperless business operations. changes your “paper” business by means of replacing the manual paper documents with electronically-based business processes.

If you consider conducting business by paper as a burden and the following characteristics, stated below, also apply to your organization, it is time to switch over to a paperless business operation:

  • There are a number of repeated business activities (events) in the organization.
  • Employees from different organizational units and different information systems participate in the business processes.
  • Employees from different locations (branch offices at a separate location) participate in the business processes.
  • You want to have a real-time control over the business processes (which processes are carried out, what is their status).
  • You want to perform business processes fast, reliably and accurately.

Business documents are what drive your business operation. If they are managed properly, we can significantly increase the efficiency of business processes and available resources. We can also ensure greater security and competitiveness of the business operation.


By using the solution, the organization becomes more economical, flexible and secure. helps you modernize tasks, automate processes and establish cooperation.

When documents enter the system, they go through the entire process electronically and automatically, on the basis of certain business rules, while users have a complete control over every stage of the process.

Each document in the organization goes through all stages of the business process, and is securely stored in the archive system at the end of the process.

One advantage of the system is also its possibility to be easily connected with other information systems in a specific organization.

The system is available to users as an IT cloud service. This means that Mikrocop provides all the necessary software solutions and a powerful IT infrastructure for the electronic implementation of business processes, while authorized users can access the system through secure web links.

The introduction of solutions is fast and does not include high initial costs which makes it also suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. If a company has clearly defined organizational and business rules, then the process informatization is fast and simple. A company is ready to operate without paper documentation as early as in a few days.


Which processes can be managed without paper documentation?

With the solutions, we can automate any business process. It is reasonable to start at a point where a more efficient management can help us achieve significant savings, for example:

  • purchasing/procurement process,
  • liquidation of the incoming invoices,
  • management of an employment process,
  • contract authorization,
  • approval of absence from work (holiday, time off, etc.),
  • travel orders,
  • incoming mail,
  • management of subscription contracts,
  • change of subscription information,
  • management of complaints,
  • credit approval,
  • management of security incidents,
  • management of the administration’s decisions.

Technical conditions for the optimum operation of services

For the optimum operation of the services, users should have installed the following software at their work station where they access the services:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista or greater,
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater,
  • InDoc Viewer v3 or greater.