Consulting services

Consulting services

We provide assistance to organizations regarding the introduction of paperless business operations and the modernization of document management and storage processes.

We follow a proven methodology, which we can use to help you introduce more efficient document management procedures and appropriate IT support, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Consultancy at the introduction of the paperless business operation

The functional requirements of a paperless business operation can differ substantially between organizations, since each organization can perform business processes (also of the same type) in a specific way. It is therefore advisable, that we perform a situation analysis as the first phase of the introduction of the paperless business operation, which will help us specify the proposal for a solution.

In the situation analysis we shall analyze in detail all the business needs of the individual organizations, as well as the legal requirements and other possible restrictions. We shall also determine the order of priority for the introduction of the paperless business operation (organizational units or individual companies in the group, the types of processes, etc.) together with the client, and prepare a proposal for a solution on the basis of the functional requirements.

We help clients optimize and automate business processes as much as possible and establish a centralized electronic document and data storage. We provide efficient organizational and technological solutions which bring greater security to the organization and enable the management of documents in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Advising in the preparation of internal rules

We help companies which want to establish a secure electronic storage of documentary material, with the preparation of internal rules in accordance with the law (ZVDAGA, UVDAGA, ETZ).

We conduct a preliminary analysis of the business activities in cooperation with the client, in order to gain a substantive insight into the existing company documentary material. Then we determine the requirements for the storage of the material and assess the existing information systems for the electronic storage of the material. We also conduct a GAP analysis for the preparation of the internal rules and prepare a plan on how to form these rules.

Then we define the procedures for the implementation of the supporting and storage services, and prepare the missing policies, rulebooks and instructions, as well as internal rules. The results of the project are the internal rules of the company, ready to be confirmed by the organization and the Archives of RS.


Systemic organization of the archive and the reorganization of archive repositories

While there is an increasing amount of documents and content which are produced in the business process, we often come across the need for the comprehensive organization of the processes in the archiving of diversified documentary material. In close cooperation with external archive and legal advisers, we can provide a in-house organization of the archive.

In cooperation with the client, we first prepare a basis for such comprehensive organization in these types of projects. We prepare a classification plan, rulebook on archiving, action plan for organizing the processes in the archiving of the material and the operating instructions in this field. Afterwards, we also organize the archive repositories and provide IT support for them.

A reorganized archive repository includes only valid documentary material. Through reorganization, an organization also obtains all the information on the existing types and quantities of the material in the archive. This information is the basis for accepting decisions regarding the means of archiving various types of documentary material in the future.


Consulting services