Data Capture

Data Capture

Capturing data from incoming documents is the next step towards a more efficient paperless business operation.

At Mikrocop service centres, we offer advanced technological solutions for automated data capture from various documents such as forms, surveys, questionnaires, purchase orders, invoices, etc.

We provide high quality services and a flexible level for performing these services. The digitization of documents and data capture from documents can be carried out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis or as a single project, in accordance with the client’s business needs.

With services for data capture, we can also efficiently solve the problems regarding the processing of documents at the time of peaks, i.e. when the level of business operations exceeds the client’s own capacity for current document processing.


After scanning, we can capture the data or the contents from the documents with the use of advanced technological solutions (ICR, OCR).

By using the advanced computer technology, we can determine the content of forms, purchase orders, invoices, surveys and many other more complex documents.

The data are then automatically imported into different information systems, such as BPM, ERP, HRM, CRM or other dedicated business applications, in the appropriate format (e.g. text files or databases).

Data Capture


In the processes, such as financial-accounting or sales processes, where extensive data have to manually entered on a daily basis, the automatic data capture helps us achieve the following advantages:

  • up to 50% lower costs for the information system data entry,
  • faster data entry and higher data accuracy in the information system,
  • shorter time, required for the entire “processing” of documents (e.g. invoice liquidation, order processing, contract processing),
  • smaller total number of errors and the possibility of detecting errors already in the early stages of the process (e.g. a missing tax number on an invoice),
  • higher quality of the data entered into the business information system,
  • single entry point for all documents and the possibility for automated data control.