Data Centre

Data Centre

The services of a secure data centre enable the use of highly available IT infrastructures without substantial initial investments.

A key advantage is lower costs for the IT infrastructure management and the adjustment of capacities to the user’s current needs.

The powerful, secure and highly available IT infrastructure in the Mikrocop data centre is designed for business users who want to establish systemic capacities outside their own IT environment with the purpose of providing a higher level of security and reliability of operation.

Rental of virtual or physical servers

The rental of the server infrastructure is the right solution for all users who want to enhance their server capacity without additional investments in the purchase of new servers.

Server capacities function in a highly available environment at the Mikrocop secure data centre, where you can rent virtual or physical servers.

In addition to the hardware, we also provide an uninterrupted power supply system, fire protection with partitions and an update of your operating system, and we can even take care of you server entirely and make sure that it functions without interruptions.


Rental of premises for co-location

At the secured Mikrocop data centre, we provide users with suitable premises and all the necessary infrastructure which enables them to install their own server equipment.

At this data centre, users can install their own equipment, which they operate independently, and make good use of all the advantages the secure data centre has to offer, such as wide availability, reliable and powerful internet connection, high security standards and risk reduction.


Setting up your own data centre at the Mikrocop business facility

We offer the more demanding business users who are searching for a suitable business facility to establish their own data centre, an option to rent or purchase premises at the Mikrocop business facility.

The Mikrocop business facility is designed as a dedicated facility which meets specific needs of the most demanding business users.

The facility meets the high security standards and technological requirements for the establishment of data centres. Available spatial capacities are already partly ready for the installation of equipment, and for this reason the project of establishing a new data centre can be completed in significantly less time.


Data Centre