Document Capture and Conversion

Document Capture and Conversion

The capture and conversion of paper documents into an electronic format is the first step towards a paperless business operation.

We perform all types of document processing at the Mikrocop service centres. The processing with the capacity of over 165 million documents per year and our numerous reference users make us the leading service centre in the wider region.

Mikrocop is the provider of the certificated capture and storage services and supporting services (e-ARS 2014/AS002). Besides this we provide high quality services, as well as a high level of security regarding documents, which the client submits to our service centres for processing.

We provide a high level of security with accurately defined procedures for documentation allocation and with the audit trail system, which enables clients to trace documents.

Document Capture and Conversion


Document Scanning

The conversion of paper documents into an electronic format enables a quick access to information and data in the documents, in order to increase efficiency in the business operation on the basis of documents. We provide greater security and legal validity of electronically stored documents by recording the documents in the format for long-term storage.

At our service centres, we can scan documents of various formats and quantities and provide a flexible level of services as well as short delivery deadlines.

Clients can submit documentary material into processing on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, in accordance with their business needs.

Conversion of Electronic Records

Information systems in organizations daily produce a multitude of data and electronic records (e.g. purchase orders, outgoing invoices, statements for clients, etc.), which have to be converted into different formats either for business purposes or regulatory compliance.

At our service centres, we can convert different media and record formats. We have the technological equipment and knowledge to be able to convert the documents into a format for long-term storage as well as to convert data from various printouts, databases or other electronic records which are produced in the information system of a specific organization.

Certain types of conversions which we perform at our service centres are for example: TIFF → PDF/A and vice versa, PDF → PDF/A, WORD, XLS → TIFF or PDF/A, TXT → TIFF, web sites in PDF/A or TIFF.



Despite the higher proportion of electronic documents, microfilm is still a suitable medium for long-term archiving, particularly in cases where there is no need for frequent access to the documentation.

Microfilm does not become technologically obsolete, and thus enables cost-efficient long-term document storage.

At Mikrocop service centres, we perform microfilming of business documentation.

In addition to the classic microfilming we also perform other forms of conversions, such as document capturing from various microfilm media in an electronic format and electronic recording of documents and data onto a microfilm.

Secure Destruction of Documents

After the documentary material has been processed at our service centre (e.g. through scanning or microfilming) and the processed documents have been delivered to the client, we also safely shred and destroy the documentary material.

We destroy the documents in accordance with the standards and security policy and prepare a Commission report with the list of destroyed documents.