Double Backup

Double Backup

Double Backup is a cloud service, which offers a reliable protection for your data from being permanently lost.

The simple, secure and reliable online service provides a systematic and automatic backup creation, their safe storage in the Mikrocop data centre and easy data recovery when you need them.

Hardware failure, human error, computer viruses and worms or software equipment failures should not compromise your business.

Inadequate protection of business data can unnecessarily cause greater damage to business operation which can occur as a result of permanent data loss.


Double Backup provides backup copies for all your data

By using the Double Backup service, you can easily ensure the protection of your data and avoid potential inconveniences that may arise as a result of incorrect or incomplete procedures of backing-up the data.

The service enables backup copies of individual documents, files, folders or databases.

The data recovery is easy if you use the Double Backup service. If you lose the data through a user application or online user interface, you can simply search for the relevant files or folders in the system and download them to your information system.

A quick access to backup copies enables you to establish a fully functioning system in a shorter period of time, and thus reduce the time the business operation is being interrupted.


Double backup