Business sector

Business sector

A paperless business operation provides companies with a better work organization, lower operating costs and higher business security.

Reducing operating costs is a big challenge for all companies. The maximum “internal reserves” are often part of an efficient work organization and the optimal implementation of business processes.

The increasing quantities of paper which enter the company on a daily basis relate to high costs of managing and storing documents.

In addition to this, we also create documents within the organization and in branch offices at a separate location, share them between each other and finally distribute them to our clients and other stakeholders who take part in the business processes, mainly still in paper form.

The need for modernization comes from the inefficient and expensive exchange of documents and from the request for a single processing of incoming and outgoing documents, regardless of their form (paper, e-document).


By introducing data and document capture solutions at front offices or at the mailroom, we stop the paper from entering the company. Paper documents are converted into an electronic format and data are automatically captured from the documents.

We can also capture all documents entering the organization in an electronic format through various channels (e-portals, e-Bank, e-mail).

All documents then automatically go through business processes and are, after the process is finished, stored in the system for long-term electronic storage together with all the information.

The effects of the new work organization can be further increased if the solutions to support a paperless business operation are used and integrated with the existing information systems.

This helps speed up the distribution of documents which allows a more efficient implementation of business processes. The recipient receives the documents faster, photocopying is no longer necessary, and there are also less lost and misplaced documents.

An audit trail, which shows who has the document and who can access it, is also ensured which can contribute to a greater business security.


From practice

Paperless management of incoming invoices
The Avtotehna Business Group has increased the efficiency of its work organization and standardized the process implementation on a group level by modernizing its management of the incoming invoices.

Business sector