Data Centre

Data Centre

Build a solid IT foundation of your business.

The use of secured data centre services is an excellent solution for all who want to establish a primary server system or a replacement computer centre at an external provider.

The key advantage is lower costs for your IT infrastructure management, whereby you can easily tailor your purchased capacities to your current needs.

Start using highly available IT infrastructures without substantial initial investments.

  • The smooth functioning of the secured data centre is ensured in case of an emergency situation, such as the energy system failure and natural or other major accidents.
  • The control of security over the entire facility and the premises within the facility shall be carried out by physical and technical security measures with a 24/7 regime.
  • Having their own energy supply allows for the smooth operation of all the systems in the facility even in the event of external energy supply interruptions.
  • Protection systems provide a constant control of the climatic conditions, fire protection and protection against other environmental impacts.

We offer the more demanding business users, who are searching for a suitable facility to establish their own data centre, an option to rent or purchase premises at the Mikrocop business facility.



Data Centre Services
Make good use of highly available IT infrastructures without substantial initial investments.

Double Backup
A simple and reliable cloud service for greater security of your business data. The service enables backup copies of individual documents, files, folders or databases.

From practice

Si.mobil is moving its “core”
Si.mobil has also decided to rent the data centre in the secured premises of the Mikrocop facility. In the coming years, the entire “heart” of the Si.mobil network will be moved to a new location.



Mikrocop Business Facility
We have specifically designed the modern business centre to meet the needs of the most demanding users in order to carry out IT business.

Secure Data Centre
All Mikrocop’s IT services run on a powerful infrastructure, which is protected by strict physical and technical security measures.

ISO 27001 Information Security Standard
With the introduction of the ISO 27001 standard we have officially confirmed commitment to provide a high level of security and quality of our services.


Data Centre