Document and Business Process Management

Document and Business Process Management

Speed up the flow of documents and establish control over processes

With the informatization of the business operation, we can ensure that the documents enter the business processes faster and move through the organization as such more quickly and with supervision.

Thus the existing type of business operation has to be changed, in order to establish electronically-based business processes instead of manual managing of paper documents.

Lower your operating costs and increase quality and user satisfaction

  • Control over processes. Documents move faster through the process and in accordance with the business rules. We can thus reduce the number of exceptions, and ensure the traceability and security of the documents.
  • Shorter response times. Control in real time enables us to eliminate “bottle necks” and “idling” in the processes. The time of each individual business event is significantly reduced.
  • Lower operating costs. The exchange of paper documents within the organization or between individual branch offices can be replaced by electronic means, thereby reducing the material costs of the business operation.
  • Higher business quality. Resolving complaints and misunderstandings is easier and faster, as we have a comprehensive overview of the history of each process.
  • User satisfaction. Automated and optimized execution of processes increases user satisfaction, as employees who are involved in the process all have an equal share in the workload.

With solutions for managing documents and business processes, you will ensure a quick flow of documents, reduce the number of errors and establish control over the processes.



Reduce the time between the moment when the company receives an invoice and the moment when this invoice is liquidated and paid. Ensure a controlled and fast processing of all invoices, a smaller number of errors in the process and greater efficiency.

Say “NO” to paper before it enters your company. When the documents enter the company, you should covert them into an electronic format and send them to the intended recipients according to your business rules.

Establish an effective overview of the life cycle of contracts. Control their creation, maintenance and distribution and provide a safe electronic storage.

Provide the comprehensive management of documents with an ISO standard and increase the quality of the business operation.


Establish a paperless business system and speed-up the flow of documents through your business processes. Reduce costs and increase the security of the business operation.
Provide a secure and law-compliant storage of all electronic documents in one place – online. Anytime, anywhere, accessible with a simple mouse click.


From practice

How Adriatic Slovenica sped up their processes
In recent years Adriatic Slovenica has undertaken the modernization and informatization of their business processes, by which the centralization and outsourcing of the mailroom processes were essential. New organization has helped them save up to €1.5 million per year.

Paperless management of incoming invoices
The Avtotehna Business Group has increased the efficiency of its work organization and standardized the process implementation on a group level by modernizing its management of the incoming invoices.

Paperless operation of a healthcare institution
Diagnostics Centre Bled wants to become the first health service provider to operate without any paper documentation.

Paperless approach towards investment funds
At ALTA Skladi, they have introduced paperless business operation, which makes it easier for clients to perform investment saving and at the same time increases their business efficiency.

ZBS operates without paper documents
The Bank Association of Slovenia has supported its business operation with solutions for a paperless operation. They have thus speeded-up the implementation of processes, and increased the efficiency and security of their business operation.


Document and Business Process Management