Document and Data Capture

Document and Data Capture

Convert your documents into useful business information, accessible by a mouse click.

Paper documents exchange between offices, departments and branch offices is expensive, inefficient and time consuming. With automated document and data capture, we have already helped numerous companies achieve greater efficiency and better user experience in managing documents.

Documents, which are of key importance for your business, are digitalized and converted into useful electronic information. You can then easily and quickly exchange these between users, regardless of where they are located.

Efficient solutions for all types of documents

With the solutions for document and data capture, we can help you more effectively manage a wide variety of business documents such as:

  • accounting documents (e.g. purchase orders, supply orders, invoices),
  • business documentation (e.g. contracts, decisions, ISO documents, personnel files, received mail) and
  • all documentation which is of key importance for a company’s operation in various industries (e.g. client files, credit files, enforcement orders, statements, insurance documents, technical documents).

Less paper, lower costs and higher efficiency

If you introduce solutions for document and data capture, you will immediately generate savings, increase productivity and ensure greater user satisfaction, regardless of the size or industry of your company.

Mikrocop is the provider of the certificated capture and storage services and supporting services (e-ARS 2014/AS002).


Say “NO” to paper before it enters your company. When the documents enter the company, you should covert them into an electronic format and send them to the intended recipients according to your business rules.



Document capture and conversion
We offer digitalization of documents at our service centers. In addition to this, we also provide a safe transport and traceability of documents and safe destruction of documents.

Data Capture
We can convert your paper documents into useful business information. We capture data from documents and transfer them into a paperless business process system or back-office business applications.



We offer a wide range of scanners for you to choose from and decide which one suits your needs best.

You can increase the value of your key business information with Kofax solutions for capturing documents and data.

Signature capture pads
Enable the signing and approval of documents which are created in an electronic format.


From practice

How Adriatic Slovenica sped up their processes
In recent years Adriatic Slovenica has undertaken the modernization and informatization of their business processes, by which the centralization and outsourcing of the mailroom processes were essential. New organization has helped them save up to €1.5 million per year.

Informatization of debt enforcement orders processing
The informatization of the procedure for dealing with debt enforcement orders has made it possible for Abanka Vipa to make substantial savings related to the costs of manual data input and the storage of documents.

Managing paper documents is time-consuming and expensive
At NLB Vita, they have completely modernized document management and storage processes. They have thus reduced operating costs, and above all achieved greater responsiveness in meeting the needs of their clients.

Modernization of business processes and document management
The ultimate objective of Adriatic Slovenica, an insurance company, is to establish a digital mailroom where they will convert the majority of incoming documents into an electronic format and manage them by electronic means only.

Document and Data Capture