A paperless procurement process and the liquidation of incoming invoices.

All incoming invoices which enter the company usually pass through several stages, namely receipt, validation, booking, payments and archiving. This process is still mostly performed in the standard manner, which is in “paper” form.

Incoming invoices are physically transferred between employees or departments, the data from the documents are manually entered into different systems, and the documents are stored in paper form. Much time is spent for managing, distributing and exchanging the documents, searching related documents, such as the request for procurement, purchase orders and contracts, as well as for the organization and archiving of the documents as such. This brings about a vast number of copies, whereby it is impossible to establish an appropriate control over the documents which further delays the process.

Such processing of documents is difficult to perform, time-consuming and expensive, and we have no control over the documents, whereby documents can be misplaced on the way or even permanently lost. In practice this means that we need more than a week to liquidate the invoices in paper form.

The Brezpapirja.si system, however, makes the managing of the procurement process and the liquidation of incoming invoices easier, faster and more efficient.

The paperless management of incoming invoices provides a fast, controlled and less expensive management process. Positive effects are evident early on, and the user satisfaction is greater as well.

  • We establish control and traceability to be able to determine immediately who has the document.
  • We enhance efficiency and provide access to documents to all who need them. We, therefore, spend less time searching, distributing and archiving the documents.
  • We reduce the number of errors in the process. The invoice with a missing tax number can be identified as early as at the beginning of the process and not as late as at the stage of booking.
  • We reduce the cost of archiving, since the documents are kept in law-compliant electronic archives.

As a first step, the procurement process as such can already be performed electronically. In the Brezpapirja.si system, we can create a request for procurement, and when it is approved by the responsible persons, we can then create a purchase order and send it to the supplier directly from the system.


When we receive an invoice for ordered products or services, immediately after it enters the company, we convert it into an electronic format. By doing this, we capture the data from documents for the purpose of all records (e.g. the book of received mail, the book of incoming invoices, ERP-system, etc.).


 Each incoming invoice can then be linked with the appropriate request and purchase order by a couple of clicks, and afterwards automatically sent to the relevant recipients (one or more) for approval, in accordance with the internal business rules.



If the document is sent to the wrong recipient, it can be forwarded by a simple mouse click.

Until the processing of an individual document is completed, this document can be accessed in the Brezpapirja.si system under the “Open tasks”.

All users who are involved in the process have a complete overview over the document, and can immediately determine who has this document.

When the document has gone through the entire business process, it is automatically sent to the Arhiviraj.si system for electronic storage.

From practice

Paperless management of incoming invoices
The Avtotehna Business Group has increased the efficiency of its work organization and standardized the process implementation on a group level by modernizing its management of the incoming invoices.