The mailrooms and front offices are those departments in a company that have the most to do with paper documentation. They are the central location where the information is exchanged internally, with other companies and with clients.

The amount of incoming mail is constantly increasing, whereby central mailrooms or front offices, branch offices at a separate location, as well as different departments in the company are considered as access points. Companies need immediate and accurate information to perform on-going business processes. While there is an increasing amount of documents, it is difficult to ensure that all incoming mail is immediately and without errors sent to the right recipients within the company.

The e-Mailroom is a solution that enables the management of received documents to be computerized in a mailroom, which makes the process faster and more cost-efficient. If the received documents are converted into an electronic format immediately when they enter the organization, the further processing of these documents is significantly faster, whereby we can guarantee the traceability and overview of the documents. What matters the most is that the costs of data entry into the information system are significantly reduced. By reducing routine tasks to the lowest possible level, employees can focus on solving tasks essential for the operating activities of a company.

With the change of processes in the mailroom and the solutions of e-Mailroom, we have already helped many organizations improve the efficiency of the overall business operation.


  • Faster distribution of documents within the organization, which enables a more efficient implementation of business processes.
  • Lower material costs, photocopying is no longer necessary, and there are also less lost and misplaced documents.
  • An audit trail of the documents which shows who has the document and who can access it, is also ensured. The latter contributes significantly to greater business security.
  • Greater user satisfaction, as they have a complete overview of the processes in which they take part in.

The central task of e-Mailroom is to capture documents and convert them into an electronic format when they enter the company, to automatically capture the data from documents and to quickly distribute the documents to the right recipients.

We digitalize all incoming documents which are of key importance for the business operation when they enter the company. We also ensure that the documents which the company receives through fax, e-mail, various e-business portals or systems for electronic exchange of documents, are properly captured.


The next step is the capture of data from documents, whereby the documents are then classified and automatically sent to the respective addresses within the organization.

The e-Mailroom is a solution whereby all received documents are available immediately and in an electronic format, and are safely stored in the Arhiviraj.si system at the end of the process.

This solution can also be simply combined with the existing information systems which the company already uses.

From practice

ZBS operates without paper documents
The Bank Association of Slovenia has supported its business operation with solutions for a paperless operation. They have thus speeded-up the implementation of processes, and increased the efficiency and security of their business operation.