Electronic Storage of Documents

Electronic Storage of Documents

Mikrocop is the provider of the certificated Arhiviraj.si capture and storage services and supporting services (e-ARS 2014/AS002).

Electronic storage of documents allows a faster and less expensive access to documents, greater security of documents and business information and lower storage costs compared with paper documents.

We can help you establish the process of management and the storage of documents in accordance with the applicable legislation. We also make sure that the documents are organized and supervised and provide for a high level of security and reliability of the system. Moreover, we make sure that your documents are safely archived and always accessible until the deadlines for their storage expire.

Our solutions enable the archiving of all types of electronic documents in one place. In addition to this, we can provide easy integration of the storage system with different business information systems. We can thus provide users with access to archived documents directly from the applications they use in their everyday work.

By using the Arhiviraj.si system, you outsource and entrust the management and storage of documents to Mikrocop. Arhiviraj.si system is an IT service in the cloud, and thus presents an effective and economical way of electronic storage. It functions on the basis of the secure and reliable infrastructure of Mikrocop, and can be accessed by users via secured web links.

We also provide in-house solutions which we can install and integrate into your existing IT environment. InDoc RMS software, which enables long-term and law-compliant electronic storage of documents, is certificated with the Archives of the RS.



Provide a secure and law-compliant storage of all electronic documents in one place – online. Anytime, anywhere, accessible with a simple mouse click.

Advising in the preparation of internal rules
Establish a secure electronic storage of documentary material in accordance with the law and enjoy the advantages of paperless business operation, care free.



Powerful software for the long-term storage of all electronic documents, that grows together with your needs.


Security and compliance with legislation

Confirmed internal rules
We perform our services for the capture and conversion of documents into a digital format and the services of electronic storage in accordance with the internal rules, confirmed by the Archives of the RS.

Certification of InDoc RMS software
InDoc RMS Software for the long-term electronic storage of documentary material is certificated by the Archives of the RS.

ISO 27001 Information Security Standard
With the introduction of the ISO 27001 standard we have officially confirmed commitment to provide a high level of security and quality of our services.


From practice

Managing paper documents is time-consuming and expensive
At NLB Vita, they have completely modernized their document management and storage processes. They have thus reduced operating costs, and above all achieved greater responsiveness in meeting the needs of their clients.

Modernization of business processes and document management
The ultimate objective of Adriatic Slovenica, an insurance company, is to establish a digital mailroom where they will convert the majority of incoming documents into an electronic format and manage them by electronic means only.

Paperless management of incoming invoices
The Avtotehna Business Group has increased the efficiency of its work organization and standardized the process implementation on a group level by modernizing its management of the incoming invoices.

Banka IN connected to Arhiviraj.si
Banka IN provides a complete electronic business operation between the bank and its clients which means that transactions in the electronic bank are also accompanied by electronic documents. These are stored in the Arhiviraj.si system.

Electronic Storage of Documents