The more efficient and less expensive implementation of business processes can enable healthcare institutions to focus more on patients and thus increase the quality of their services and client satisfaction.

Healthcare organizations chose paperless business operation because they want to increase their work efficiency, improve the quality of healthcare services and build a closer relationship with patients.

In the existing work model, too much time is spent for administration and document organization, in particular if the patient is being treated at several locations. A special feature of managing medical documentation is also the high data protection requirements for sensitive personal information.

The introduction of solutions for paperless business operation and the revised work model enable healthcare workers to focus more on the patients and provide higher quality healthcare services at a lower cost.

The implementation of business processes is quicker and more efficient, the insurance policy and accounting cycles are reduced, and the need for paper document storage is smaller, while the security of business information and personal data is improved.


With enhanced and tailor-made solutions to support a paperless business operation, we help you economize your business and increase your ability to respond to client’s needs.

The transition to a paperless business operation includes the digitalization of documents when they enter the organization and the informatization of internal processes, which then allows the documentation to be managed only in an electronic format.

The connection between the central hospital system and the law-compliant electronic storage system is of key importance to increase work efficiency. All patient-related data are, thus, available to employees in one location, as well as in an electronic format.


From practice

Paperless operation of a healthcare institution
Diagnostics Centre Bled wants to become the first health service provider to operate without any paper documentation.