The right information at the right time is the key to a successful business. We provide organizations in the insurance sector an instant access to relevant information at the time when they need it.

Organizations in the insurance sector are faced with the challenge of providing a competitive offer of services and maintaining high client satisfaction. Ensuring business stability is an extremely challenging task, considering the trends, such as the loss of revenue, an increase in claims of damages and payments of premiums and an increased risk of insurance frauds.

Through an integrated approach to processing documents which enter the business processes, we help insurance companies to provide timely, accurate and comprehensive information about their clients.

With a full range of solutions to support paperless business, we help optimize the flow of information within the organization and between branch offices, reduce operating costs, increasing control over the flow of information and provide greater business security. Your employees can therefore, dedicate more time to their clients and thus achieve greater sales efficiency and client satisfaction.




By implementing solutions to support processes in the mailroom at the very entrance to the organization, we ensure the conversion of all documents in electronic format, the capture of data from documents and the proper classification which is the basis for a fast and correct distribution of documents within the organization.

With the solutions to support the electronic management of business processes, we ensure all documents within the organization are being processed in accordance with the predefined business rules. This helps us reduce the number of exceptions and increases the efficiency of how processes are carried out. By establishing a control over processes you gain greater business security and reduce business risks.

At the end of the process, documents are stored in the central system for electronic storage which is in accordance with the legal requirements.

In addition to managing paperless business processes, we can also provide solutions for more efficient management of the documents which are produced at the points of sale and through electronic sales channels.


From practice

How Adriatic Slovenica sped up their processes
In recent years Adriatic Slovenica has undertaken the modernization and informatization of their business processes, by which the centralization and outsourcing of the mailroom processes were essential. New organization has helped them save up to €1.5 million per year.

Paperless operation is also available at points of sale
With efficient solutions, it is also possible to reduce the amount of paper documents at the points of sale, and thus speed up the implementation of further business processes.

Modernization of business processes and document management
The ultimate objective of Adriatic Slovenica, an insurance company, is to establish a digital mailroom where they will convert the majority of incoming documents into an electronic format and manage them by electronic means only.