Public Sector

Public Sector

We help organizations in the public sector speed-up the implementation of business processes, reduce the paper quantity and operating costs, as well as improve responsiveness to clients.

Organizations in the public sector are operating in the interests of their citizens; therefore, it is important that they provide higher quality and more efficient services. In the time of more strict economic conditions, the demand for a greater efficiency, responsiveness and better client services, has further increased.

Business operations at several locations and the implementation of processes in cooperation with different departments or even organizations make it difficult to implement processes and to manage all the documents applying to an individual case. It is difficult to provide control and traceability of documents and processes, and in addition to this, individual activities cannot be performed as quickly as they could be.

There is a lot of time spent on organizing, searching and archiving the documentation, and there is room for errors when enclosing additional documentation into an individual case file.

The archiving of documents is also difficult to perform, since the majority of organizations in the public sector have been faced with a lack of storage space for paper documents for a long time now, or these have been stored in inappropriate premises.


We help organizations in the public sector establish an efficient and reliable system for the admission, processing and distribution of documents to the right recipients within the organization.

With the solutions to support a paperless business operation, we provide an efficient cooperation and the exchange of documents between departments or even organizations, and thus significantly speed up the implementation of business processes.

The access to documents is simple and quick, and the documents are always available to authorized users when necessary.

The statutory compliance of a business operation is provided with the storage of documents in certificated electronic archives.

Public Sector


Security and compliance with legislation

Confirmed internal rules
We perform our services for the capture and conversion of documents into a digital format and the services of electronic storage in accordance with the internal rules, confirmed by the Archives of the RS.

Certification of InDoc RMS software
InDoc RMS Software for the long-term electronic storage of documentary material is certificated by the Archives of the RS.

ISO 27001 Information Security Standard
With the introduction of the ISO 27001 standard we have officially confirmed commitment to provide a high level of security and quality of our services.

ISO 9001 Quality Standards
We use the quality standard and the concept of continuous improvements in all operations and on all levels of business activities.