Archiving documents

Archiving e-invoices

We assist invoice issuers and recipients in Slovenia who use electronic banking platforms to automatically archive electronic invoices in the certified InDoc EDGE digital archive for long term storage. We guarantee high document quality and security levels in accordance with applicable legislation and internationally recognized standards.

We can help you establish effective control over the management and long-term storage of documents and other archival media. Contact us!

Ivo Vasev, Product owner at Mikrocop

Ensure secure and legally compliant storage of e-invoices in three steps

Fill out and sign the order form and elaborat and send two copies to our address:

The authorised person specified in the order form will receive a notification of service activation by e-mail, and you will receive a signed order form, the general terms of service, and the elaborat by e-mail.

Your authorised users will now be able to access saved e-invoices through a simple web application, with each access registered with a dedicated digital certificate issued by Mikrocop.

Estimate e-invoice storage costs

The cost estimate includes: a monthly subscription to the service, import of e-invoices into the certified InDoc EDGE digital archive, maintenance of an audit trail, verification of e-invoice authenticity, and secure storage of documents in the InDoc EDGE digital archive. The value is expressed in euros and does not include VAT.

Want to provide secure, legally compliant storage of all e-invoices in one place?

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