Best practices

Why should I go paperless? Where do I start, and how do I take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation? What are the most common pitfalls I may encounter, and how can I avoid them? Use our experience and expertise.

  14. 09. 2018

Storing electronic documents in the cloud

Storage with a certified external digital archive provider ensures the legal validity of documents, and is also usually more secure than keeping material on premises.


  07. 05. 2018

Are we expecting too much from paperless business?

At Mikrocop and other providers, we offer solutions for paperless business and promise to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure legal compliance. But can we also fulfil these promises?


  30. 03. 2018

Attention, shared folder users and email enthusiasts – here comes the GDPR

The key challenges in ensuring the compliance of personal data protection lie in designing appropriate personal data management processes and establishing accountability for such processes. Companies often experience difficulties because, under pressure from ongoing operations, they don’t establish a comprehensive overview of all the personal data they process.


  12. 03. 2018

If we really want to protect personal data, we have to take comprehensive care of it

Ensuring compliance with the GDPR is currently one of the more pressing topics for all who deal with personal data in one way or another. As a rule, the motive for regulating data protection is not the desire to ensure personal data are accessed only by authorized persons with the necessary permissions, but rather the fear of high penalties. Rather than something, which can be achieved and then forgotten, personal data protection is a constant, living process.