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Document and information security - How secure is your office?

  06. 01. 2020

Securing documents and information is essential to modern business, as each day brings more risks. However, ensuring information security isn’t the easiest task; we need to think about all our computers, mobile devices, routers, and Wi-Fi networks; any new device that connects to the Internet represents a potential point of entry for an attack. Some of the most commonly used devices are ones we use every day - printers and multifunction devices.

The problems often start simply enough: we forget to pick up a confidential document we printed from the printer tray. There, anyone could see it, and even unauthorised persons could access its content. Thus, a simple printed document can lead to the disclosure of sensitive business information.


  • 67 % of companies are very likely to update their document security methods in the next year or two
  • 72 % of companies are aware of cases where documents have disappeared, either from their offices or from other companies

Source: Canon Office Insights 2018 CEE (in Slovene)


However, printers and multifunction devices connecting with our file servers, mail servers, and active directories represent a significantly greater risk. In recent years, these devices have often been the targets of sophisticated malware attacks.

In the former case, we can manage risk by regularly informing and educating users, though we can never stop people from taking documents that don’t belong to them. In the latter case, however, we can very effectively prevent confidential documents and information from falling into the wrong hands.

What we need is to connect our multifunction device to the InDoc EDGE document system developed by Mikrocop, which has powerful information security mechanisms built in by default. When the simple use of InDoc EDGE on the multifunction device itself becomes part of our daily information security routine, the risk of unauthorised access to our information system through the multifunction device is successfully reduced.


How does this work in practice?

The user logs on to the InDoc EDGE document system on a multifunction device using a PIN code, giving them access to the available profiles and scanning options according to their pre-assigned permissions. When an inserted document is scanned, it is sent directly to the document system, either on our server or in the cloud. Very important: Documents are not stored at any point along the way, such as local computer folders, network drives, or e-mail servers, which would pose a risk of unauthorised information access or loss.

The InDoc EDGE document system will provide the scanned document with the necessary information for later retrieval and use, add the user ID, and automatically start the associated processes.


What are the benefits of connecting a multifunction device to a document system?

The InDoc EDGE document system - accessed directly through the Canon multifunction device - provides the necessary level of security. With personalised scanning, we speed up the entire process and provide an audit trail of documents in a certified document management system and long-term e-storage.

1. Better network and device protection enhances overall security

The network is also effectively protected by allowing only known devices to connect, and devices are protected against unauthorised use via at least one accreditation mechanism, such as a PIN code, contactless card, etc. In this way, we increase the level of information security in our company.

2. Confidentiality and legal compliance

By using the InDoc EDGE document system, we increase both the confidentiality of sensitive business information and the legal compliance of business processes. After scanning, documents are not stored in local folders or network drives or exchanged via email, but are stored directly in the InDoc EDGE document system using a dedicated application on a Canon multifunction device.

3. Traceable accessibility of documents

Documents in the InDoc EDGE document system are easily accessible to anyone who has the necessary permissions, while others are excluded. Any access and sharing of the document among authorized users is recorded in the audit trail, which gives the necessary transparency to our business processes.

With effective document and information security technology, combined with Canon's powerful printers and multifunction devices and Mikrocop's certified InDoc EDGE document system, security will be the focus of everything we do inside and outside the office. Secure, personalised, simple.