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Why should I go paperless? Where do I start, and how do I take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation? What are the most common pitfalls I may encounter, and how can I avoid them? Use our experience and expertise.

  14. 05. 2019

Without IT security, there would be no digital business

Digital business is based on client trust, and this requires an adequate level of IT security. If we simplify it a little, in the end, how much we put into IT security depends on how much we’ll get back.


  08. 05. 2019

When storing documents containing personal data, what should an electronic document storage provider ensure?

When it comes to the electronic storage of documents containing personal data, it’s important to choose a suitable provider that will meet all the security standards and GDPR requirements regarding personal data processing. As we emphasise in the following points, the storage provider should ensure the integrity, credibility, availability, usability, durability of documents throughout their retention period.


  03. 05. 2019

Be careful who you trust with destroying your documents

Secure document destruction is the important last step in any effective document management process. Though businesses pay great attention to secure and effective document storage, they sometimes forget about the safe destruction of documents whose retention periods have expired.


  24. 04. 2019

5 steps for an organised document archive

Do you have insufficient space to archive your documents? Do you keep business records in offices that aren’t secure from fire and flooding? How often do you have trouble finding an important document in your archive cabinet?


  28. 02. 2019

3 reasons to choose an external Data Protection Officer

The GDPR forced most companies to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The previously unknown concept has become the centre for questions, dilemmas, and challenges regarding how to meet all the GDPR requirements.


  12. 02. 2019

Just sharing documents can jeopardize your business

Do you often share confidential documents with third parties outside the company? Do you use one of the popular online file sharing services to send large documents? If the documents you share contain confidential information or personal data, there’s a strong chance that such behaviour could jeopardize your business.


  28. 01. 2019

How to ensure a long-term personal data protection strategy

Today, January 28th, we commemorate Personal Data Protection Day in Europe. The day is intended to spread awareness of the importance of protecting personal data.