Front-end Developer

We are looking for an experienced, professional, and proactive person who will participate in the development and maintenance of our InDoc EDGE data management platform.

Why are we the right choice ...

  • You’ll be joining a young and dynamic development team where you will use your creativity and ability to solve complex problems to co-create the InDoc EDGE platform. The question “How to implement this requirement?” is under full responsibility of the development team.
  • We promote staff development and knowledge sharing, both within the company’s specific areas as well as between departments. Striving to achieve this goal, we provide in-house workshops and brainstorming sessions, funding for trainings and conferences, and access to online courses.
  • For a soft transition into the new work environment, you will be matched with a mentor in your area of professional interest who will offer guidance on the company’s organizational culture and help you settle into your new work role by gradually increasing the complexity of your tasks.
  • In line with the Latin phrase ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body, we strive to create a relaxed work setting and give our staff a chance to work in the office or from home. With flexitime, we encourage staff to develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • At Mikrocop, there's plenty of formal and informal socializing as the staff get together for picnics, New Year parties, sports and cultural activities, and department lunches.

As a Front End Developer, you will ...

  • be involved in the planning and implementation of new features,
  • work on migration to the new Vue.js framework,
  • ensure code quality through automated testing,
  • help in creating good UX for InDoc Edge users,
  • assist in code review and improvement process.

You’re a great fit for us if you ...

  • have 3+ years’ experience as a front-end developer,
  • are familiar with at least one of the Big Three frameworks (Vue / Angular / React),
  • are skilled in asynchronous programming (async/await, promises) and familiar with the latest JavaScript version,
  • can write a structured code that can be maintained and tested,
  • are familiar with programming practice and design patterns,
  • have sound knowledge of various state management tools and practices (Vuex, Redux),
  • have the ability to develop modular solutions (micro frontends, lazy loading) and experience with different tools (e.g. npm, Webpack, Babel, ESLint, SASS) will be considered an advantage.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to, and we’ll invite you over for a brief interview. If it goes well, we’ll have you join us at one of our daily meetups so you can meet the team and get more information from your future colleagues.