Case study

Paperless investment savings application at ALTA Skladi

ALTA Skladi introduced paperless business operations with the clear objective of making it easier for investors to join and make investment savings, as well as increase the efficiency of operations and gain greater control of their documents. In addition to these reasons, paperless business is also a more eco-friendly and investor-friendly solution.

ALTA Skladi is one of the leading investment fund management companies in Slovenia and the wider region. When selling and managing investments, they deal with a large selection of various documents on a daily basis, whereby the management and archiving of these documents come at a high price.

Reasons to go paperless

Before the introduction of paperless business, investors were able to use the e-Skladi website to access their portfolio and view all transactions, however, joining was still done by signing a paper application form. This meant that employees spent a great deal of their time handling these documents. “Due to the increasing number of documents, higher costs of document management and storage, and above all the time and effort that employees need to invest into carrying out business processes, we decided to implement a paperless business solution,” explains executive director of ALTA Skladi, Tomaž Dvořak.

Upgrading the e-Skladi website

The e-Skladi website was upgraded in order to enable investors to join ALTA Skladi in a completely paperless way. They can join by using the e-Skladi website where they sign an application form using a digital certificate. If they still decide to visit an ALTA Skladi branch, they can confirm their joining by signing an electronic signature pad, thereby carrying out all necessary procedures paperless. Electronic documents created in this way are then entered into Mikrocop’s certified digital arcvhive that provides long-term, legally compliant electronic storage until the document storage deadlines expire.

Mikrocop is your partner when going paperless

ALTA Skladi carried out the transition to paperless business together with Mikrocop, which took care of the setting up of electronic signature pads and the secure storage of documents in its certified e-storage system.

“The guiding principle of ALTA Skladi is to try and make it easy for investors to start making dedicated savings and make it as accessible, transparent and user-friendly as possible. This is why we are proud to be able to offer entirely paperless business operations. Digital business operations are not only the most eco-friendly, but also practical and easy to use by investors,” added Tomaž Dvořak, executive director of ALTA Skladi.

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ALTA Skladi were the first fund management company in Slovenia to introduce electronic signature pads which then completed the digitization of their business operations. Alen Kobilica and Ula Furlan were the first to try out the signature pad. Blind athlete Alen Kobilica, whose center for blind children supports ALTA together with the Generali insurance company, was impressed by the simplified use.