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Securing data against loss with Double Backup

With a reliable online Double Backup service, we provide systematic and automatic backups of individual documents, files, folders, and databases, their secure storage at the Mikrocop data center, and data recovery when you need it. Avoid damage to your business due to permanent data loss.

We guarantee the high availability and security of your information infrastructure without significant initial investment. Contact us!

David Habot, Director of strategic development at Mikrocop

How can you use Double Backup to avoid data loss?

Protect data from permanent loss

We make systematic and automatic backups and store them at the Mikrocop data center.

Securely copy entire databases

We provide backup copies of individual documents, other files, folders, and databases.

Simple data recovery

Use our friendly interface to find the desired files or folders and quickly transfer them to your IS.


A highly reliable data center

  • The high reliability of your primary server is ensured by a backup network, hardware, and software.
  • The reliability of the entire system and the continued availability of your services are ensured by replicating the primary server system in two locations.
  • In the event that the primary server system fails, we can very quickly re-establish the entire system at a safe remote location and enable you to operate smoothly.
  • Two independent Internet connections ensure the smooth operation of the service in the event of an outage or major slowdown.
  • Our commitment to high quality and safety is confirmed by the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Standard and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

High security and excellent equipment

  • Surveillance of the entire facility includes 24/7 physical and technical protection – professional monitoring of system operations and data center surveillance with a fire alarm system, a burglar alarm system, video surveillance, and an access control system.
  • Security systems ensure constant control of climatic conditions, fire protection, and protection against other environmental factors.
  • The fire protection system includes a gas extinguishing system that protects the information infrastructure and archives from destruction.
  • Own energy supply ensures the smooth operation of all systems in the facility, even in the event of electricity supply disruptions.
  • The reinforced concrete structure of the building provides security in case of natural disasters and other major environmental events.

Need reliability and security of your information infrastructure without significant initial investment?

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