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Kodak Alaris scanners

You can order Kodak Alaris scanners from us – we specialise in the supply, installation, and maintenance of renowned Kodak Alaris scanners. From a wide range of available models, we can help you choose the scanner that best suits your needs in the office, department, or service center.

If you conduct document capture and data recognition, we can offer advanced dedicated hardware and software. Contact us!

Gorazd Zajc, Senior technologist at Mikrocop


Mikrocop is proud to partner with Kodak Alaris

Mikrocop is the official authorized repair and maintenance service provider for Kodak Alaris document capture in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Office scanners

Providing easy installation and occupying a small amount of space, small scanners are designed for office applications. The recommended scanning range is up to 1,500 docs a day, with a scanning speed of up to 30 pages per minute when scanning flat documents up to A4 size using an automatic feeder.


Departmental scanners

The scanners are recommended for larger reception desks, mailrooms, and where automated document capture solutions are used. With a capacity of 3,000 to 7,500 documents per day, these scanners with an average speed of 40 to 80 pages per minute depending on the model selected. Low production scanners allow scanning using an automatic feeder and scanning of flat documents up to A3 size.


Production scanners

Production scanners are designed for service centers and data acquisition solutions. They provide advanced security mechanisms to control the accurate transport of documents and processing units to improve the quality of captured documents. The capacity of these scanners is over 10,000 documents per day, with an average speed of over 60 pages per minute. Production scanners allow scanning documents up to A3 size using an automatic feeder.

Microfilm equipment

We offer a wide range of microfilm equipment from leading global manufacturers. After analysing your requirements and expectations, we will select the model that best suits your needs.

Kodak Alaris scanner and microfilm equipment service

We are the official authorized repair and maintenance service provider for Kodak Alaris scanners and microfilm equipment in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our experienced repair team provides necessary warranty repairs as well as and seamless post-warranty maintenance of your document acquisition equipment. In addition to fast response time and high quality, we also supply original spare parts and consumables.

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