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Signing with digital signature pads

Enable your customers sign electronic documents using handwritten signatures, avoiding the need to scan paper originals.

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Ivo Vasev, Product owner at Mikrocop

Signatures can be handwritten and electronic at the same time

Orders, contracts, applications, membership forms, work assignments, consent forms, personnel records, insurance policies, and similar documents are still regularly signed in paper form. However, were created in electronic form – either using office tools (Word, Excel, Adobe, etc.), or in business information systems (ERP, DMS, CRM, etc.), could be electronically signed with a signature pad, thus completely avoiding the production of paper originals.

By using a pen and a signature pad, the user signs the document as usual – in their own hand, but the system electronically captures and saves the signature and digitally adds it to the electronic document. It is simple and fast, requires no printing, and does not interfere with user habits. In practice, this small change simplifies and accelerates the implementation of the process; after signing with signature pads, your work proceeds more coherently and effectively.

Paperless investment savings application at ALTA Skladi

ALTA Skladi were the first fund management company in Slovenia to introduce electronic signature pads which then completed the digitization of their business operations.

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