Drawing up internal rules

The legislation recommends that all legal entities that store materials in electronic form prepare and adopt internal rules, that is, internal legal acts defining the storage of documentary material in electronic form. If you would like to arrange the electronic archive of documents, we can provide you with expert assistance in preparing internal rules. As such, we prepare or supplement policies, regulations, and instructions, including internal rules prepared for confirmation by the administrative authorities.

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Maja Marušič, Business consultant at Mikrocop

Advice on preparing internal rules

In advising on the preparation of internal regulations, we:

  • analyze your business activities, which provides us substantive insight into existing materials
  • determine the requirements for material storage
  • evaluate existing electronic storage IT systems
  • perform a gap analysis
  • define procedures for the provision of accompanying services and storage services
  • prepare the missing policies, regulations, and instructions
  • write internal regulations suitable for confirmation by the administrative authorities

Implementation of sample internal rules (currently undergoing certification by the authorities)

If you have a valid contract with Mikrocop for the provision of e-storage services and accompanying services but have not yet prepared internal rules, we can offer you our sample internal regulations. You can collect them at Mikrocop headquarters by submitting a request in writing or via the customer support portal.

Remember that you must usually notify the administrative authorities of your adoption of the Mikrocop sample internal rules within eight days.

Once the Mikrocop sample internal rules are approved by the administrative authorities, they will bear the same legal validity as internal rules specifically designed for your organization. This can significantly reduce the time needed to comply with the requirements of the legislation.

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