Document and business process management

We can help you implement simple and effective document and business process management

Digitizing documents increases their usability, enables more efficient document management, and opens up business process automation opportunities. Take advantage of digitization to speed up processes and gain a competitive advantage.

Managing electronic documents is about more than just reviewing them – it also includes sharing, editing and commenting on documents, timely notification of changes, searching for content and descriptive data, providing remote access, ensuring the integrity and credibility of documents, tracing usage and, of course, preventing loss. Document management is a prerequisite for optimizing – and potentially automating – business processes. Management of business processes, which are in line with your business objectives and linked with your existing systems, only adds value to your business. We can help you with our proven InDoc EDGE solutions, as well as our technical knowledge, and experience.

Avtotehna Group introduced solutions for paperless operations in order to increase efficiency and establish greater control over received invoices. We were able to drastically shorten the settlement process from over a week to an average of 2 to 4 days. This is crucial for us, as optimizing payments to suppliers has allowed us to take advantage of additional discounts and thus increase the profitability of our business. The ultimate goal is to achieve a more responsive and cost-efficient business at all possible levels.

Avtotehna Group

What are the InDoc EDGE solutions and what benefits do they offer?

The InDoc EDGE platform combines the capabilities of document management systems (DMS), business process management (BPM) and records management systems (RMS). With the platform’s process solutions, you can respond to key business challenges – from simple day-to-day tasks such as distribution of incoming mail or settlement of incoming invoices to more demanding tasks involving various media and, as a rule, including automated decision-making based on operational rules.

  • Process solutions contribute to the increased transparency and efficiency of your business
  • Improving document management simplifies collaboration and prevents document loss
  • Processes and documents are remotely accessible from any device, anytime and anywhere
  • Implementation of the InDoc EDGE solutions reduces operational risks
  • Our solutions are compliant with GDPR by default, so it's easier to focus on process optimisation
  • The platform is certified by the adminisrative authorities and ensures legal compliance
  • Documents are digitally signed and time-stamped according to the RFC 6283 standard (XMLRS) for basic storage principles (accessibility, usability, integrity, authenticity, and durability)

Learn more which InDoc EDGE process solutions are available by default

Document and business process management

Document management

Improve document management and simplify collaboration while ensuring the integrity and authenticity of documents.


Document and business process management

Business process management

Increase the transparency and efficiency of your processes, reduce exposure to operational risks, and ensure compliance.


InDoc EDGE digital solutions

Process solutions

The InDoc EDGE process solutions are proven to reduce costs, increase business efficiency, and ensure legal compliance.