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Business process management (BPM)

Management of business processes, which are in line with your business objectives and linked with your existing systems, adds value to your business. Using the InDoc EDGE process solutions allows you to work smarter, more responsively, and more securely, as you can modernize tasks, automate processes, and encourage collaboration.

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Ivo Vasev, Product owner at Mikrocop

What are the benefits of InDoc EDGE business process management system?

We apply proven methodologies, best practices, our extensive experience and expertise in all our solutions.

  • Greater process transparency and regulatory control increases business efficiency
  • Optimized process implementation has a positive impact on customer and employee satisfaction
  • Managing customer relationships and resolving complaints are easier thanks to a comprehensive overview of process statuses
  • A smaller number of exceptions, guaranteed traceability, and increased security minimize operational risks
  • Compliance with GDPR by default makes it easier to focus on business optimization
  • The platform is certified by the administrative authorities and ensures legal compliance
  • Documents are digitally signed and time-stamped according to the RFC 6283 standard (XMLRS) for basic storage principles (accessibility, usability, integrity, authenticity, and durability)

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Default process solutions

On the InDoc EDGE platform, the following process solutions are available to you by default:

  • Digital mailroom
  • invoice approval and settlement
  • Contract management
  • Travel orders approval
  • Leave of absence approval
  • Overtime order management
  • Informing colleagues with circulars
  • Decision management
  • Internal acts management

When you add a document to the InDoc EDGE, it automatically moves through the process based on certain operational rules. You can easily connect the process solution to your other IT systems, providing employees with a single working environment. You have comprehensive oversight over all phases of the process – you always know where a document is in the process and which operations are currently being implemented, all of which is recorded in the audit trail. After completing all process tasks, the document is securely archived in a certified digital archive, where it is easily accessible later.

Paperless management of received invoices

At the Avtotehna Group, we succeeded in shortening the invoice processing procedure that sometimes used to take more than a week down to 2 to 4 days. This is of key importance for us, as we can take advantage of additional discounts by optimizing payments to suppliers, subsequently increasing our profitability.

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Customized process solutions

The InDoc EDGE platform combines the capabilities of document management systems (DMS), business process management (BPM) and electronic storage (RMS). With the platform’s process solutions, you can respond to key business challenges – from simple day-to-day tasks, which are supported by default, such as mail distribution or settlement of incoming invoices, to more demanding tasks involving various users and, as a rule, including automated decision-making based on operational rules.

You can take advantage of the capabilities of the InDoc EDGE system to develop new, fully customized process solutions fully tailored to your business needs. New process solutions can be linked to your existing information systems through API interfaces, or we can develop dedicated solutions and integrations for you.

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