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Document management (DMS)

Managing electronic documents with InDoc EDGE is about more than just reviewing them – it also includes sharing, editing and commenting on documents, timely notification of changes, searching for content and descriptive data, providing remote access, ensuring the integrity and credibility of documents, tracing usage and, of course, preventing loss. Working with electronic documents offers many benefits: better responsiveness, employee satisfaction, and fewer operational and financial risks, just to name a few.

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Ivo Vasev, Product owner at Mikrocop

What are the benefits of InDoc EDGE document management system?

We apply proven methodologies, best practices, our extensive experience and expertise in all our solutions.

  • Improving document management increases business efficiency
  • Sharing, commenting on, and editing documents improves collaboration with colleagues
  • Greater accessibility of documents, from any device, anywhere and anytime
  • Electronic document management reduces operational and financial risk
  • Compliance with GDPR by default makes it easier to focus on business optimization
  • The platform is certified by the administrative authorities and ensures legal compliance
  • Documents are digitally signed and time-stamped according to the RFC 6283 standard (XMLRS) for basic storage principles (accessibility, usability, integrity, authenticity, and durability)

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How can InDoc EDGE simplify document management?

Improve document management

A complete overview of documents, versions, and access allows for real-time notification of changes and prevents document loss.

Promote collaboration

You can assign documents to colleagues, comment on them, organize them, and establish access according to roles within the team.

Increase efficiency of processes

Documents can be subjected to various customized (automated) processes, either on a structured or an ad-hoc basis.

Ensure authenticity of documents

Documents are digitally signed and stamped, establishing an audit trail for each one.

Access to documents from affiliates

Enable central management of documents from affiliated companies from one place.

At your location or in the cloud

Manage various processes and an extremely large volume of documents for an affordable price either at your location or in the cloud.

Provide access anytime and anywhere

Access documents remotely from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Ensure legal compliance

Certified by the administrative authorities, InDoc EDGE provides control over archived documents and the highest levels of security and support.

What are the key capabilities of InDoc EDGE document management?


  • Online access to document management
  • Most browsers are supported by default
  • Access via mobile devices
  • Sign in to the system via Microsoft AD


  • Manually add documents
  • Import existing documents in electronic form
  • Capture paper documents with scanners
  • Capture documents via software integration


  • Add relevant metadata
  • Create logical files
  • Search for related documents
  • Joining documents


  • Review of past versions of documents
  • Automatically modify document versions in case of changes (manual correction is also possible)
  • Traceability ensures compliance of quality levels in regulated industries


  • Lock documents during editing to prevent simultaneous editing
  • Documents available as read-only
  • Ability to use document templates


  • Unlock documents when finished editing
  • Other colleagues can then edit the documents


  • Users can comment on documents
  • Automatically notify users about changes to documents


  • Allocate documents to users for work (define process type, add description and media)
  • Inform users of their allocated documents


  • General search by document type, metadata, or system data
  • Document content search (OCR)
  • Sorting of search results


  • Creating document management permissions according to user and user group, document, and level of confidentiality
  • Allocation of user permissions


  • Enabled digital signature of Microsoft Word and PDF documents (note that the signature component is not an integral part of the system)
  • Storage of digitally signed documents and validation of the e-signature (EML, XML, PDF)
  • Digital signing and time-stamping of all documents according to the RFC 6283 standard (XMLRS) for basic storage principles (accessibility, usability, integrity, authenticity, and durability)


  • Software certification proves compliance with Slovenian archiving and data security regulations
  • Support for open and closed document collections
  • Determination of any storage period

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