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Respond to key business challenges with the process solutions on the InDoc EDGE platform – from simple day-to-day tasks such as distribution of incoming mail or settlement of incoming invoices to more demanding tasks involving various users and, as a rule, including automated decision-making based on operational rules. Some process solutions are available to you by default, whereas others can be customized individually.

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What are the benefits of InDoc EDGE process solutions?

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We apply proven methodologies, best practices, our extensive experience and expertise in all our solutions.

  • Process solutions contribute to the increased transparency and efficiency of your business
  • Improving document management simplifies collaboration and prevents document loss
  • Processes and documents are remotely accessible from any device, anywhere and anytime
  • Implementation of the InDoc EDGE process solutions reduces operational and financial risks
  • Compliance with GDPR by default makes it easier to focus on business optimization
  • The platform is certified by the administrative authorities and ensures legal compliance
  • Documents are digitally signed and time-stamped according to the RFC 6283 standard (XMLRS) for basic storage principles (accessibility, usability, integrity, authenticity, and durability)

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Default process solutions

When you add a document to the InDoc EDGE, it automatically moves through the process based on certain operational rules. You can easily connect the process solution to your other IT systems, providing employees with a single working environment. You have comprehensive oversight over all phases of the process – you always know where a document is in the process and which operations are currently being implemented, all of which is recorded in the audit trail. After completing all process tasks, the document is securely archived in a certified digital archive, where it is easily accessible later.

In cooperation with GOinfo, the Mikrocop arranged for the automatic archiving of documents from the GoSoft ERP system into their InDoc EDGE system. We have only good things to say about Mikrocop. With the cooperation of GOinfo, Mikrocop experts very quickly developed a solution without any complications. In terms of expertise, responsiveness, meeting deadlines, the quality of the solutions offered, and the price/quality ratio, everything was excellent. It is a pleasure to work with such a partner.

GOSTOL-GOPAN d.o.o. Nova Gorica

Digital mailroom

Running business processes requires timely and accurate information. With an ever increasing volume of incoming mail arriving at reception desks, mailrooms, and various departments throughout the company, it is often difficult to ensure that all incoming mail is immediately and accurately distributed to its intended recipients within the company. However, if documents are converted into electronic format and processed immediately upon receipt, their further processing and distribution are considerably faster, while supervision and traceability are provided by default.

Deliver documents faster

Faster document distribution within the company allows you to run business processes more effectively.

Reduce material costs

Photocopying documents is no longer necessary, and fewer documents are lost or misplaced, reducing your operational costs.

Ensure an audit trail

Traceability allows you to see where a particular document is located and who has access to it, and thus also increases operational security.

How is the mailroom digitized?
  1. All important incoming documents are digitized upon arrival. We also provide for the collection of documents arriving via fax, e-mail, through various websites and e-commerce services, or through electronic document exchange systems.
  2. We then capture data from the documents, classify them, and automatically direct them to the relevant recipient within the company.
  3. All incoming documents are now available electronically and ultimately stored securely in a certified digital archive.

You can choose between:

  • Receiving and scanning mail yourself – at your location, we set up a capture point for the digitization of incoming mail, which together with electronically captured items is collected in the InDoc EDGE, from which point its path continues electronically
  • Redirecting your mail to us, while you receive electronic copies for yourself – in our experience, with this solution, correspondence reaches recipients faster and at lower cost (we recommend this solution to companies with larger volumes of incoming documents, especially in the case of large volumes of similar documents which are suitable for machine data capture
Managing incoming mail

By default, the InDoc EDGE allows you to:

  • Capture and transfer all mail to one electronic channel
  • Classify mail according to document type
  • Distribute mail to one or more recipients
  • Specify the postal carrier and notify it of receipt
  • Forward mail to other users
  • Enable access to the mail in original format
  • Reject or redirect erroneously delivered mail
  • Authorize employees to inspect incoming mail
  • Generate a list of all incoming mail (inbox)

Additionally, the InDoc EDGE allows you to:

  • Assign and monitor tasks by postal address
  • Specify one or more task performers
  • Specify time limits for task performance and verification
  • Remind users of overdue tasks
  • Monitor and control task performance
  • Use advanced OCR technology to automatically capture and classify incoming mail
Managing outgoing mail

The InDoc EDGE also supports the recording, notification, and archiving of outgoing mail, regardless of the distribution channel (mail, e-mail, and fax). By default, you can:

  • Specify the author of the outgoing mail
  • Specify one or more signatories
  • Set up automatic author notification of the author and signatories that the outgoing mail has been recorded and sent
  • Set up automatic author notification of selected users that the outgoing mail has been recorded and sent
  • Set up automatic storage of outgoing e-mail from a predefined mailbox
  • Authorize employees to inspect outgoing mail
  • Generate a list of all outgoing mail (outbox)

Invoice approval and settlement

Received invoices are still often certified and settled in the traditional way – invoices travel from one department and/or employee to another, data is manually entered into various systems, and documents are stored in paper form. You have to devote a lot of time to managing, distributing, and exchanging documents, finding related documents, such as purchasing requests, order forms, and contracts, and organizing and archiving the documents themselves. This results in an unpredictable number of copies, and it soon becomes difficult to establish proper control over documents, causing additional delays in the process. Therefore, using InDoc EDGE dedicated process solution can provide numerous benefits:

Manage invoice verification better

Paperless management of received invoices allows for fast, controlled, cost-effective management of the verification process.

Increase operational efficiency

Invoices and related documents are accessible to everyone who needs them, greatly improving the effectiveness of the process.

Earn additional rebates

Paying invoices on time allows you to earn additional rebates, which you would not receive if payment were delayed.

Ensure control and accountability

You always know who is accessing an invoice and which stage of the verification process it is in. Traceability also allows for process optimization.

Reduce the number of errors

Invoices with errors, such as a missing tax number, are detected at the beginning of the process, rather than during the accounting phase.

Reduce storage costs

Storing your documents in a secure, certified data center reduces storage costs.

This InDoc EDGE process solution supports the capture, import, validation, and proper long-term storage of received invoices, regardless of whether they originated in paper or electronic form. By default, the solution allows you to:

  • Simply import invoices (including automatic import and identification of XML e-invoices in accordance with the applicable standard)
  • Create a flexible multi-level verification process for received invoices, conducted in accordance with operational policies
  • Expand individual verification levels to multiple verifiers, if necessary
  • Use a simple calculator to implement cost sharing
  • Add reminders for upcoming payment deadlines of invoices which are not yet verified
  • Connect an invoice with an order and a delivery note
  • Attach any other documents to better clarify a purchase
  • Reject invoices online, with the option of sending a rejection letter either by mail or e-mail
  • Confirm invoice accuracy and verification in accounting
  • View a transparent history of notes and instructions from all participating invoice verifiers
  • Establish connections with partners’ code lists in your business information system
  • Enable direct access to the invoice from your business information system
  • Prepare invoice information for easy import into your information system for accounting purposes



Contract management

Although many business transactions are regulated by contracts, some companies have difficulties keeping them in order. After the business relationship is established, they are usually stuffed in folders, tucked away at the back of the closet, and forgotten... until there comes a situation where it is necessary to verify whether all parties are, in fact, keeping to the agreement. Are they already late in implementing a particular service? Or maybe just the opposite – how much is the contractual penalty for a delay in implementation?

You can avoid these situations by digitizing the contract process. This InDoc EDGE process solution enables the electronic management of your contracts and the effective monitoring of their entire life cycle, from creation, to maintenance, distribution, and secure electronic storage.

You can easily create a document using standardized forms. It provides connectivity with various databases, for example partner code lists, trademarks, and groups, so you do not have to enter all such data manually. You have access to a comprehensive overview, and can access documents quickly and easily. Access to documents is only enabled for authorized users, and the activities performed in the process are recorded in an audit trail.

Default InDoc EDGE process solution capabilities:

  • Central repository of contracts, according to types
  • Determining the contract administrator, who supervises the life cycle of the contract (extension and termination of validity, determining the rights of other beneficiaries, integrating annexes, etc.)
  • Automatically informing the contract administrator of the contract expiry date
  • Authorizing users to review the contract
  • Integrating annexes
  • Partner integration with your code list

Travel orders approval

If your employees travel for business at least occasionally, you probably have to deal with travel orders. Are they always prepared correctly and on time? Errors in completing travel orders may lead to unpleasant penalties or fines.

By digitizing the process of managing travel orders, you can simplify the supervision of your colleagues’ official absences.

This InDoc EDGE process solution allows for this – simple submission of official absence requests, recording of business travel costs incurred, and transmission of these data to the accounting.

By default, this InDoc EDGE process solution allows you to:

  • Record business travel
  • Establish connections with partners’ code lists in your business information system
  • Approve official absences as a manager
  • Enter incurred business travel expenses (for example parking, representation, and other expenses)
  • Attach additional documents providing evidence of business travel
  • Familiarize colleagues with business travel statements
  • Access a unified list of business trips – for both employees and managers

The system can be upgraded with additional features:

  • Automatic addition of business trips to employee calendars
  • Automatic addition of business trips to the business information system for recording employee working hours


Leave of absence approval

With the help of the InDoc EDGE process solution, you can easily record and approve employee leave of absence. This gives you a comprehensive overview of employees’ past and planned absences and eliminates the need to search for information in various records.

You can easily inform employees of the planned absence of a teammate or colleague and, consequently, enable the timely reallocation of tasks and obligations. Your business will therefore be more efficient.

By default, InDoc EDGE solutions allow you to:

  • Record employee absences in a simple way
  • Approve official absences as a manager or additional certifier (e.g., as a project manager)
  • Receive a reminder of the planned absence of an employee and inform the relevant department or team
  • Review all employee and management absences in one place

The default capabilities of the system can be upgraded with additional features:

  • Automatic registration of absences in employee calendars
  • Automatic activation of ‘out of office’ auto-response e-mails in Microsoft Outlook
  • Automatic registration of absences in employee working time records

Overtime order management


Do you know how much overtime your colleagues work? Do you keep track of the reasons for overtime? Do you want to regulate overtime work?

With the dedicated InDoc EDGE process solution, you have access to single centralized record of all overtime work performed at your company. Ensure yourself an easier overview as well as improved legal compliance of overtime management.

By default, this InDoc EDGE process solution allows you to:

  • Record overtime as an employee
  • Order overtime as a manager
  • Inform your colleagues about approved overtime
  • Familiarize a department with overtime statements
  • Review the central record of all employee overtime


Informing colleagues with circulars

Keeping employees informed is a demanding task for every company – they often claim they never got the information. Though this usually happens in regards to the most ordinary, quickly resolved matters, sometimes ignorance can have significant consequences. It is therefore important that you ensure your colleagues receive the necessary information.

This InDoc EDGE process solution enables employees to familiarize themselves with all important information they need to work effectively via a single information distribution channel (instead of e-mail).

By default, the InDoc EDGE system allows for:

  • Easily creating, reviewing, validating, and archiving circulars
  • The ability for other users to review circulars and add comments during the preparation phase
  • Sending circulars to individual employees, to one or more organizational units, or to all employees
  • Reviewing whether recipients have acquainted themselves with the circulars (individual recipients must confirm that they read the circular)
  • Reviewing employee responses and comments regarding each newsletter
  • Centrally recording and archiving all circulars and accompanying attachments

Decision management

If you occasionally experience problems with managing decisions, we invite you to have a look at the InDoc EDGE decision management process solution. It will provide you with support in preparing, recording, monitoring, and managing company management decisions.

Decisions are prepared in a manner similar to that which you probably use today, with the assistance of popular office tools. To a certain extent, it makes decisions easier to prepare, as it enables you to include all participants responsible for preparing, reviewing, and validating the adequacy of the content.

Default InDoc EDGE process solution capabilities:

  • A single place for jointly preparing decision content
  • A single place to store current suggestions
  • The possibility for various employees to participate in the preparation of the decision, including the review and validation of content by the legal office and other responsible organizational units
  • Flexible multilevel certification process
  • Informing recipients of the content of the decision
  • Authorizing employees to review decisions
  • A single list of valid and invalid decisions


Additionally, InDoc EDGE allows you to:

  • Assign and implement tasks resulting from decisions
  • Specify one or more task performers
  • Specify time limits for task performance and verification
  • Remind users of overdue tasks
  • Monitor and control task performance

Internal acts management

With rapidly changing market conditions and/or legal requirements, preparing and managing internal acts can become exhausting, and therefore not particularly effective. That is why we offer you a dedicated InDoc EDGE process solution, designed specifically for managing internal documents, providing a unique place for collaboration, preparation, suitability review, and content certification. We allow you to control the entire life cycle of internal acts – from preparation, creation, and recording, to monitoring, managing, and secure electronic storage.

Though internal documents are prepared in a manner you would probably recognize, the InDoc EDGE system makes it easier for you to include all the participants who are responsible for preparing, reviewing, and validating the adequacy of content.

By default, InDoc EDGE solutions allow you to:

  • Store current suggestions for policies, instructions, forms, and other documents in one common location
  • Invite the legal department and other responsible organizational units to review and validate content
  • Specify the administrator who supervises the life cycle of the document (annual suitability review, extension and termination of validity, integration with other internal documents, etc.)
  • Record comments on the annual review, any findings of irregularities, and corrective actions
  • Establish a multilevel certification process for internal documents
  • Inform colleagues by publishing a new or updated internal document
  • Provide a single storage location for all applicable internal company documents
  • Establish automatic notification of the internal document administrator on the forthcoming annual review of content compliance and/or the expiration of the validity of the internal document
  • Transfer invalid internal documents to the archive and provide access only to authorized persons
  • Prevent the use of old, invalid versions of internal acts

Customized process solutions

The InDoc EDGE platform combines the capabilities of document management systems (DMS), business process management (BPM) and electronic storage (RMS). With the platform’s process solutions, you can respond to key business challenges – from simple day-to-day tasks, which are supported by default, such as mail distribution or settlement of incoming invoices, to more demanding tasks involving various users and, as a rule, including automated decision-making based on operational rules.

You can take advantage of the capabilities of the InDoc EDGE system to develop new, fully customized process solutions fully tailored to your business needs. New process solutions can be linked to your existing information systems through API interfaces, or we can develop dedicated solutions and integrations for you.

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