Save the date for Mikrocop’s conference: October 25, 2018

  27. 09. 2018

Have you already taken full advantage of the opportunities brought about by digitization and overcame all the barriers to paperless business? At this year's Mikrocop conference, successful Slovenian companies will present their answer to this question and share experience, best practices and tips on how to effectively achieve the goals of going digital.

In today's business, we all face a rapid growth in the amount of documents and information as well as information solutions that we are trying to manage properly. Efficient content and business information management is therefore becoming one of the key factors for business success, and for most companies this is a significant challenge.

How to integrate a variety of different solutions for capturing, managing, storing, and distributing content and documents into a comprehensive system? How to ensure that the necessary information and documents are at the right time at the right place? How to set up control over content and information that is crucial for making business decisions? Can you still afford paperwork?

We will try to answer these and other questions at the 15th Mikrocop Conference, which will take place on Thursday, October 25, 2018, at the Brdo Congress Center.

Do not miss the ultimate business IT conference – come and meet with experts in the field of digitization, share experience and seize the opportunity for networking, socializing and business meetings.

Kindly invited!