Successful extension of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia certification for the InDoc EDGE 5.6 solution

  15. 02. 2019

The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia certification guarantees secure and legally compliant long-term document storage in the InDoc EDGE e-storage system, which is also compliant with the GDPR.

The software compliance assessment was carried out by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Informatics in Maribor. They evaluated the current version, InDoc EDGE 5.6. Based on the assessment and the audit report produced, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia extended the InDoc EDGE digital solution’s, certification, which means that the solution meets the requirements of:

  • The Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 30/2006 and 54/2014) and
  • Uniform technological requirements 2.1.

With new features, improved usability, and enhanced reliability, the new version of the InDoc EDGE digital solution - 5.6. - remains the solution for demanding clients who want to maximize the benefits of business process digitisation while reducing the risks they face daily.

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