The 8 most common questions about InDoc EDGE

  07. 12. 2018

If we had to highlight only one solution that marked the year 2018 at Mikrocop, it would definitely be InDoc EDGE, which combines the capabilities of document management and business process management systems with certified electronic document storage. Business process digitisation will continue in 2019, so we prepared answers to some common questions about InDoc EDGE solutions.

What is the key difference between and InDoc EDGE? is a certified electronic cloud storage service, whereas the InDoc EDGE platform and solutions represent an upgraded, expanded version of that enables comprehensive business process digitisation. InDoc EDGE combines the capabilities of modern content, document, and business process management systems with a certified electronic storage system that you can use in the cloud or install at your premises.

Is it only possible to use InDoc EDGE solutions in the cloud, or can they be installed at our premises?

InDoc EDGE solutions can be used as a cloud computing service in your own private cloud or installed at your premises.

In our business processes, can we use document templates that we fill metadata and other data entered by users?

Of course, the use of templates in HTML5 format is supported by default. During the process, the document template is continuously updated with the data, and we ultimately create a PDF document. You can then safely share the PDF safely with the stakeholders or attach it to existing core documents. Examples of such documents include travel orders, rejection letters, various notices, and minutes of meetings.

On average, how long does it take to implement business process IT support on the InDoc EDGE platform?

In our experience, from 1 to 6 months. The implementation time depends primarily on the complexity of the solution and may be shorter if the business requirements are clear and properly defined, and provided that any integration interfaces are properly documented and available.

Can we access the capabilities of the InDoc EDGE platform and solution from another IT system? What IT competencies do we need?

All InDoc EDGE capabilities are available through an API interface, and there are also SDK libraries for some programming languages. With proper knowledge of InDoc EDGE and understanding of API data exchange protocols, you can also develop the connection yourself. The key to a successful connection is definitely knowledge of InDoc EDGE; that’s why when clients initially deploy the solution within their IT system, they usually also decide to entrust us with their other systems.

Do InDoc EDGE solutions work on mobile devices?

Yes, InDoc EDGE solutions are designed as responsive web applications that are adapted to both PCs and mobile devices.

Does the InDoc EDGE platform provide multilingual support?

Yes, InDoc EDGE is already available in the Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, and English by default. The translation process is simple and relatively fast - a translated and localized version is provided within a maximum of two months, depending on the complexity of localization.

Which companies already use InDoc EDGE solutions?

At present, InDoc EDGE solutions are used in 12 companies in the financial, manufacturing, healthcare, tourism, logistics, and legal industries.

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