We digitised a magazine that has been published for more than 120 years

  05. 02. 2019

We pay special attention to materials that are of particular historical value. By digitizing all issues of Stern der Neger magazine, we contributed to the preservation of important historical and cultural heritage.

The magazine presents historical material about the life and work of the Comboni missionary communities which worked in Africa. Among them was Slovenian priest Jožef Musar, who spent three years in South Sudan.

Stern der Neger magazine, published between 1898 and 1965, also records the work of Comboni missionaries in Ljubljana. Digitalization was made made possible by the National and University Library in Ljubljana.

At, the magazine is now available to the public in electronic form.

Last December, the Comboni missionaries’ magazine Kontinente also reported on its visit to Mikrocop and the importance of digitisation.

 Revija Stern der Neger