Security and compliance

We offer you secure certified solutions, guarantee the legal validity of your electronically stored material, and regularly ensure the legal compliance and operational security of our solutions and your processes.

Safety, quality, legal compliance, and reliability are the essential ingredients of any solution we offer you. With our expertise and experience, cutting-edge technology, and consistent implementation of security and quality policies, we maintain a high level of security for the documents and information that you have entrusted to us for management and storage. You can rely on Mikrocop.

Mikrocop provides contemporary solutions for paperless business to leading companies in the financial, insurance, economic and health care sectors in the Adriatic region. Contact us!

Simona Kogovšek, CEO at Mikrocop

Mikrocop is one of the first companies in Slovenia with a certified Data Protection Officer

Sanja Žaubi, Mikrocop’s Data Protection Officer (DPO), was one of the first in Slovenia to obtain additional qualification as a personal data protection expert. Having our own DPO is an important demonstration of our expertise in the field of personal data protection legislation and practice.


ISO 9001 quality management and ISO/IEC 27001 information security management

We are aware of our responsibility for your business – that is why we maintain a high level of technical and physical security and comply with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security management system. We apply proven methodologies, best practices, and our extensive experience and expertise in all our solutions. Quality assurance is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.

With the introduction of these standards, Mikrocop ensures comprehensive information security and regularly upgrades control mechanisms to ensure the high quality and security of our solutions.


Services and software certified with the administrative authorities

  • Certified InDoc EDGE software
  • Certified InDoc RMS software, the predecessor of InDoc EDGE digital solutions
  • certified capture and archival services, InDoc EDGE Cloud and accompanying services (collection of documentary material in digital form, conversion of documentary material from physical to digital format, conversion of documentary material from digital format into a format for long-term storage, editing or selection of documentary material in digital format, destruction of documentary material in digital form, provision of safe premises for the storage of materials in digital form)


Internal rules confirmed by the administrative authorities

In 2007, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia approved our internal rules relating to the provision of digital capture and digital conversion services and electronic storage in digital form for documentary and archival material. In 2012, Mikrocop implemented a number of improvements in capture, conversion and electronic storage processes, providing users of our services with better control and better quality service delivery. In line with the changes, we also obtained confirmation of the new version of our internal rules.

The adoption of internal rules is particularly important in ensuring the legal compliance of electronically stored documents. By implementing certified storage and accompanying services in accordance with our approved internal rules, we guarantee the legal validity of your electronically stored material.


A highly reliable data center

  • The high reliability of your primary server is ensured by a backup network, hardware, and software.
  • The reliability of the entire system and the continued availability of your services are ensured by replicating the primary server system in two locations.
  • In the event that the primary server system fails, we can very quickly re-establish the entire system at a safe remote location and enable you to operate smoothly.
  • Two independent Internet connections ensure the smooth operation of the service in the event of an outage or major slowdown.
  • Our commitment to high quality and safety is confirmed by the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Standard and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


High security and excellent equipment

  • Surveillance of the entire facility includes 24/7 physical and technical protection – professional monitoring of system operations and data center surveillance with a fire alarm system, a burglar alarm system, video surveillance, and an access control system.
  • Security systems ensure constant control of climatic conditions, fire protection, and protection against other environmental factors.
  • The fire protection system includes a gas extinguishing system that protects the information infrastructure and archives from destruction.
  • Own energy supply ensures the smooth operation of all systems in the facility, even in the event of electricity supply disruptions.
  • The reinforced concrete structure of the building provides security in case of natural disasters and other major environmental events.