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    Mikrocop provides contemporary solutions for paperless business to leading companies in the financial, insurance, economic and health care sectors in the Adriatic region.

    We help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure legal compliance.

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Avtotehna Group introduced solutions for paperless operations in order to increase efficiency and establish greater control over received invoices. We were able to drastically shorten the settlement process from over a week to an average of 2 to 4 days. This is crucial for us, as optimizing payments to suppliers has allowed us to take advantage of additional discounts and thus increase the profitability of our business. The ultimate goal is to achieve a more responsive and cost-efficient business at all possible levels.

Avtotehna Group

We apply proven methodologies, best practices, expert knowledge and extensive experience in all our solutions.

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Storing electronic documents in the cloud

Storage with a certified external digital archive provider ensures the legal validity of documents, and is also usually more secure than keeping material on premises.

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Save the date for Mikrocop’s conference: October 25, 2018

Have you already taken full advantage of the opportunities brought about by digitization and overcame all the barriers to paperless business? At this year's Mikrocop conference, successful Slovenian companies will present their answer to this question and share experience, best practices and tips on how to effectively achieve the goals of going digital.

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