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    Mikrocop provides contemporary solutions for paperless business to leading companies in the financial, insurance, economic and health care sectors in the Adriatic region.

    We help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure legal compliance.

For more than 40 years, we have successfully fulfilled
the requirements and expectations of a wide variety of clients

At Podravska Banka, we’ve successfully cooperated with Mikrocop for more than 20 years. With their knowledge and continuous development, and with the professionalism of their employees, Mikrocop meet all client and regulatory requirements and are leaders in implementing innovative solutions in their industry.


We apply proven methodologies, best practices, expert knowledge and extensive experience in all our solutions.

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Storing electronic documents in the cloud

Storage with a certified external digital archive provider ensures the legal validity of documents, and is also usually more secure than keeping material on premises.

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Mikrocop has a new location in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mikrocop has moved to a new location in the Industrial Zone Luka bb, 71380 Ilijaš in Canton Sarajevo.

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