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Avtotehna Group introduced solutions for paperless operations in order to increase efficiency and establish greater control over received invoices. We were able to drastically shorten the settlement process from over a week to an average of 2 to 4 days. This is crucial for us, as optimizing payments to suppliers has allowed us to take advantage of additional discounts and thus increase the profitability of our business. The ultimate goal is to achieve a more responsive and cost-efficient business at all possible levels.

Avtotehna Group

We apply proven methodologies, best practices, expert knowledge and extensive experience in all our solutions.

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Document and information security - How secure is your office?

Securing documents and information is essential to modern business, as each day brings more risks. However, ensuring information security isn’t the easiest task; we need to think about all our computers, mobile devices, routers, and Wi-Fi networks; any new device that connects to the Internet represents a potential point of entry for an attack. Some of the most commonly used devices are ones we use every day - printers and multifunction devices.

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Solidarity in the face of the pandemic

In the current situation, it is crucial to maintain solidarity and act responsibly. Therefore, we have decided at Mikrocop to support the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth in their assistance to children from socially deprived families.

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