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For Mikrocop 2021 was a year full of challenges. Although we have transferred gained experience with corona crisis to 2021 successfully and ensured the minimum impact of epidemic on our business, our business success was marked by some of our key customers' strategic business decisions. Despite this, we succeeded in gaining new projects to replace a large part of the lost planned business with our active presence on the market. In 2021, we acquired more customers than in previous few years with a hybrid and customized way of doing business by successfully addressing their business challenges, especially in the area of ​​business optimization and the transition to digital business.

Mikrocop, 2021 (Slovene only)



Net sales revenue, 2015 - 2021

Čisti prihodki iz prodaje, 2009 - 2021




In 2020, despite the challenges posed by the corona crisis, we achieved the set goals. We had to adapt the organization and way of doing business to working from home, and on the other hand we solved and addressed similar challenges of customers who, in the desire to adapt to the situation, set out on the path of digitalization of business. Mikrocop remains a trusted partner in the field of business digitalization, which responds to customer challenges with modern and user-friendly services and solutions to increase business efficiency and coherence.

Mikrocop, 2020 (Slovene only)


We successfully completed 2019, exceeding the ambitious plans from the beginning of last year. Our performance has far exceeded the results of previous years, which shows that we are dealing with the right issues, and testifies that we are recognized as a trusted partner that offers appropriate solutions to the challenges of our clients. We will also continue to strive for environmentally and socially friendly and responsible business.

Mikrocop, 2019 (Slovene only)


For Mikrocop, 2018 was a successful year, with growth rates comparable to those of the Slovenian economy. The company managed to attract new clients to its key business activities. With continued investment in developing digital solutions and maintaining our high level of quality and security for digital business services, which was about double the national average, we managed to create favorable conditions for successful business operations in the future.

Mikrocop, 2018 (Slovene only)



We are pleased to see the progress made in 2017. Strong growth was maintained and several important steps were taken in the development of the InDoc EDGE platform. Our expectations for this system in 2018 are high, both in terms of new clients and new challenges. The company has secured a strong position in the market through continued investment in development. We are competitive; we have a vision and strong opportunities for growth.

Mikrocop, 2017 (Slovene only)



In 2016, we succeeded in achieving positive results in line with our expectations. Industry 4.0, and the related digital transformation of business, had a profound effect on the business year, which was also reflected in our results. The increasing demand from companies wishing to digitalize their document management systems which we have witnessed over the past few years has been fuelled further by the digital boom to Mikrocop's advantage. 

Mikrocop, 2016 (Slovene only)



The company ended the year 2015 with good business results and achieved its planned growth. The efforts of all employees were reflected in higher sales revenue and outstanding performance in complex projects. Past investments into the expansion of our range of paperless business services and establishment of a service center to manage the outsourced data entry points proved to be the right decision.

Skupina Mikrocop, 2015 (Slovene only)



The business year 2014 was marked by adverse market conditions, as economic recovery in the region progressed very slowly. Throughout the year, Mikrocop Group worked hard to strengthen its market competitiveness and improve business efficiency. The end-of-the-year results showed that we were successful in our efforts. Furthermore, we continued to expand and develop our activities in all markets where Mikrocop Group companies operate.

Skupina Mikrocop, 2014 (Slovene only)



The tough economic conditions in the Adriatic region forced Mikrocop Group to face multiple challenges throughout the year. Certain national markets experienced modest economic growth, but overall economic activity remained relatively low. Despite the extremely demanding market conditions, the business results for the year 2013 were better than expected, with total sales revenue reaching a 17 percent increase in comparison to the year before.

Mikrocop, 2013 (Slovene only)

Skupina Mikrocop, 2013 (Slovene only)


The harsh economic environment where Mikrocop operated had a profound effect on the company's business result in 2012. The continued economic downturn negatively affected the company's ability to acquire new clients and projects, and placed us under pressure from existing clients to reduce prices. Despite the tough market conditions, Mikrocop ended the year with a positive business result.

Mikrocop, 2012 (Slovene only)