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For over 45 years successfully meeting our client's needs in the areas of business document capture, management and storage.


We boost efficiency and ensure business compliance in banking, finance, ensurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical and other industries.


We create success stories for the digital future together with our clients and partners form various industries and different cultural settings.


Case study // One click today can one day save lives

Why not simplify the procedure for completing an organ donor consent form if technology permits it and donors have often stated that the complex procedure is one of the main deterrents for submitting their consent? The number of donors has gone up by a quarter, and the procedure remains secure and compliant.

Case study

Agriculture, Trade

Case study // Compliant document storage as a risk mitigation measure

When poor storage makes it time-consuming, hard, or even impossible to locate a document, when it is unclear who has access to confidential documentation, and the archive consumes more and more space, then it's time to start looking for a system solution to your physical archive.

Case study

Generali Investments d.o.o.

Case study // For more efficient business operations and greater client satisfaction

How can we cut down process times and give our consultants some extra time to focus on their clients? The investors welcomed with open arms both the optimization of the process and the technological solution that also enables online transactions.

Case study

A1 Slovenija, d.d.

Ensuring high-level availability and security of the data center

We established the data center at Mikrocop’s facility, which satisfies the highest security standards and expectations of a leading digital services and communications provider.

Addiko Bank d.d.

Linking custom applications with the electronic archive for fast access to data

Fast and easy access to the information we need, when we need it, allows us to focus on what matters to our clients and creates added value. 

Food industry
Atlantic Grupa d.d.

Secure and compliant e-storage is a key component of operational efficiency

Compliant long-term preservation of electronic documents that are just a click away, available anywhere and anytime, simplifies our business operations and improves our efficiency.

Banka Sparkasse d.d.

The benefits of document digitization far outweigh the cost of implementation

At Sparkasse, we have successfully digitized and e-archived more than one million of credit documents, thus freeing up valuable space in our physical archive. Most importantly, our credit documents are now continuously and promptly digitized.


Effective lifecycle management of digitized documents

With Mikrocop's help, we are now effectively digitizing our key business documents and managing them throughout their lifecycle. Access to data is faster and quicker than it even was with paper documents.

GOSTOL-GOPAN d.o.o. Nova Gorica

Smooth integration of the ERP and information management platform

The synergy effects of the GoSoft ERP system and the InDoc EDGE information management platform enable us to focus on our core business more effectively. We no longer have to worry about the security and compliance of long-term storage.

Luka Koper, d.d.

The compliance of personal data protection has also encouraged the digitization of business

The compliance of personal data protection was started by a gap analysis. We effectively eliminated the identified deviations and adjusted to the requirements of the GDPR regulation in a timely manner, and we also used the compliance process to provide starting points for digitization.

MERKUR trgovina, d.o.o.

Accounting documents kept in certified electronic storage just a click away

Mikrocop's e-storage solution was connected with our backend system for viewing accounting documents and transferring key data vital for queries and later use. Now all documents and information are available when needed, never more than a click away.

Nova KBM d.d.

Implementation of a tailor-made document management system and dedicated business solutions

We have chosen Mikrocop to provide our bank with a comprehensive suite of business solutions and a document management system. We've built a partnership that enables us to achieve our set digital transformation goals, improve efficiency, and minimize operational risks.

OMV Slovenija, d.o.o.

Ensuring personal data protection compliance is difficult, but doable

The key prerequisite to ensuring GDPR compliance is to have an overview of the personal data processed. By employing a systematic approach to personal data protection, we are now able to effectively address any complex compliance issue that may arise.

Pirc Musar & Lemut Strle, o.p., d.o.o.

Efficient and secure use of information and personal data

We often require remote access to files but we are fully aware of the importance of protecting the information and personal data of our clients. By implementing the InDoc EDGE information management platform, which ensures secure and compliant electronic storage, we no longer need to carry around extensive legal files.