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Challenges with GDPR

In a new video from the GDPR series, we talk about the challenges that many companies face in protecting personal data. Alenka Fic Mikolič, Director of General Affairs, and Grega Vozel, Lawyer and DPO for external clients, list the most common challenges that need to be addressed in the successful protection of personal data (Slovene only).


Over 450 million documents in Mikrocop's cloud services

Paperless business has already become a reality for our customers. We now store over 450 million documents in Mikrocop's certified cloud services. If not long ago we digitized most of this documentation in our service centers, today our customers mostly transfer it to electronic storage through integrations with various business systems themselves.


We released a new InDoc EDGE version!

Our InDoc EDGE cloud platform has “grown” by one number. New version 6.6. includes new capacity, usability improvements and operational reliability. The installation of the new version on the DEMO environment was done last week.


Mikrocop's 45th anniversary video

We are rounding off this year's anniversary of Mikrocop's operation with a video of the activities we carried out on this occasion throughout the year. We were creative, challenging and included the children of employees, we set out on a path of memories with the longest-serving employees in Mikrocop, we tried to capture the most important milestones and the most interesting information of our work in the infographic display of our 45-year timeline. We socialized as much as we could during the summer and celebrated the anniversary with a picnic. We captured it on camera and created a video to store pleasant moments forever.


What is personal data?

With a new series of short informative videos, we want to bring you closer to the complex field of personal data protection in an interesting and understandable way. Alenka Fic Mikolič, Director of General Affairs and Grega Vozel, Lawyer and DPO for external clients, will briefly and concisely present the basics - what is personal data in the first video, and in the following videos will focus on various topics in the field of personal data protection (Slovene only).


Mikrocop celebrates its 45th anniversary

Mikrocop is an established international IT service provider, which supports companies and organizations on the path of digital transformation. This year it celebrates its 45th anniversary. During this time, the company itself has made a huge business transformation when it has transformed from a provider od paperless services into an IT service provider and partner for integrated business digitization.


With the new partnership with Adacta, we are expanding business benefits for insurance clients

We formed a new partnership with Adacta, which opens up the opportunity for financial organizations to optimize, automate and digitize both internal business processes and those aimed at end customers, which can improve the internal organization and raise the level of user experience.


New features and improvements in InDoc EDGE

The new version of InDoc EDGE brings a friendlier user experience and new digital signing features along with a number of other improvements. Users can already try  the new version in the DEMO environment.


Grants for digital transformation of SME companies

Are you thinking about switching to digital business, raising employees' digital competencies and increasing added value per employee? With the grant of the P4D ReactEU 2021 tender, it is easier to achieve digital transformation.