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  12. 06. 2019

We have organized a mountain biking competition at the Sports Games of Bankers of Slovenia

Mikrocop has sponsored and organized a mountain biking competition at the Sports Games of Bankers of Slovenia 2019. 57 participants attended the competition along the Parenzana from 9 banks, DUTB, Bankart, Halcom and Mikrocop.


  12. 04. 2019

A student solution that detects mobile devices in the area

The EESTech Challenge 2019 hackathon international competition brought together students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana last weekend. They competed to solve internet of things (IoT) challenges. At the Mikrocop Challenge, they searched for a solution to detect nearby mobile devices.


  04. 04. 2019

We have established a new partnership in North Macedonia

In accordance with our strategic orientations and vision, we’ve entered the North Macedonian market by concluding a strategic partnership with Inbox - Archive and Data Center. The capacities of the InDoc EDGE digital platform, which combines the capabilities of document management, business processes management, and electronic storage systems, will be available on the North Macedonian market under Inbox’s brand name.


  29. 03. 2019

We received an Older-Friendly Company award

At the closing event of the Golden Thread 2018 project, organised by the Dnevnik newspaper, we were recognised as an Older-Friendly Company: Still going after all these years.


  15. 02. 2019

Successful extension of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia certification for the InDoc EDGE 5.6 solution

The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia certification guarantees secure and legally compliant long-term document storage in the InDoc EDGE e-storage system, which is also compliant with the GDPR.


  05. 02. 2019

We digitised a magazine that has been published for more than 120 years

We pay special attention to materials that are of particular historical value. By digitizing all issues of Stern der Neger magazine, we contributed to the preservation of important historical and cultural heritage.


  03. 01. 2019

Mikrocop becomes a member of the German-Slovene Chamber of Commerce

Following the successful appearance at the CEBIT last year, our next step towards partnership with the German economy is active participation in the German-Slovene Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Slowenien).